Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The Slump Returns

So my new job is rockin right along... The computer halts when I type too fast and every screen I go into I have to save before exiting so I feel like a gimp because I have to leave work on my desk when I leave at night, but overall its only mildly aggravating to have three people checking over what I do all day every day.
So I sit at the front desk... Does that mean I don't exist?? That when you walk into the lobby and see three people scribbling on clipboards in the lobby right in front of my open window it is REQUIRED that you ask them if they've been helped?? You just got back from a three hour meeting and I've been waiting for your return to cover my desk so I can, um, EAT SOMETHING, but go ahead and ask if I've told them all to sit and wait for you instead of asking me if I'm going to pass out because you are two hours late.
Thanks for the vote of confidence, you smirky little wench.

Anyway, this is only exacerbated because I got the phone system set up (a full week later) and every time I get a call (about 3 a minute for the first 5 hrs of the day, then it crawls to one every other minute), this window pops up and covers whatever I'm working on. The trick is, I am Quick Draw and have already answered the call and am in the middle of transferring it before any call details show up on this stupid window. So I either learn how to suck more at my job, or don't use this fancy new system they put in a month ago - and keep transferring calls to people already on the phone because the actual phone doesn't tell you any of that because the computer is supposed to. In all fairness, it does, but only if you shrink all your other open windows (I use about 6 for every person who walks up to my desk) in order to leave the extension monitor up. Whats the big deal?? Well, every person needs all six screens to pop up seperately and to resize each of them as they come up is a Little.Time.Consuming.And.Pisses.Me.Off.
Just think... you walk into a temp agency and have an appointment and have all your documents in order and the wide eyed perkfest at the front desk takes 10 minutes to 'pull your file'. This WILL NOT be me. I won't file my nails, chew gum, twirl my hair, or talk on my cell phone at this desk either. My manager tells me its cool to eat lunch at my desk, but that chickedee has another thing coming if she thinks I'll eat while taking calls.

Yeah, so I'm a little on edge. But really, its not the job (I don't think... I hope not... pray to the beer gods with me!!!).
I called Him last Friday.
No idea why. Apparently I was starting to enjoy my life and needed a swift kick in the junk to curl me into a heap again.
It worked.
He ANSWERED my call in the middle of the first ring. I didn't recognize His voice. We stammered around that a bit before I got out "hows it goin? whats up with you?" His reply: "My dad died two days ago, so I've been dealing with that. How are you these days?"
I was sitting in my car, all proud of myself for not crying on the way home, and suddenly I actually felt the wind knocked out of me.
We got around to the part where I find out He Sr. went to work digging trenches for new pipes to be lain in Malibu Wednesday morning and moved live power lines and didn't come home. That it was quick and painless. That his family just walked in from making the arrangements at the mortuary and I can check the Sunday paper for the details if I'd like to attend the services.
He asked about me, so I told him my new job had me thanking him for fixing up my car so my max horsepower could have me duckin and jivin around the asswipes that can't drive in the rain, and that on Wednesday I found a new onramp that had me sitting under the freeway at a red light and thinking that if an earthquake hit and I died that minute that the only thing I could think of that wouldn't be resolved would be how He and I parted ways.
He took that in for a moment, I tried to grasp at the fleeting thoughts of normal conversation while fighting tears, and we ended the conversation after he said "Thank You so much for calling but my family is all waiting for me now so I really have to go."

Or it could be that my coworkers are covering me like I don't exist and refuse to acknowledge any teaching style besides "throw them in the water and they will learn to swim".

But I'm pretty sure its the later... and its killin my mojo with the suited up, slicked back, cologne soaked Mr.s that have been trollen by my desk all day.

I can't wait until this job isn't catching up for how lame my predecessor was and starts to run the way I want it too... so I can cry to you all about how in love I am with a guy who may or may not have told me when tragedy strikes if fate hadn't de-chickened me in time AND get all my work done AND check in and comment on your fabulously distracting blogs!!


Mona Buonanotte said...

I think you need a vacation.

If not that, a good drunk this weekend.

curmudgeon said...

Don't it just figger? Call after all that time...
I think you need a different 'Him'.

verify = 'psexs'
You putting in your own words now? :)

Miss Sassy said...

mona - did that last weekend... was hungover so hard that I didn't do Saturday stuff until last night!!

curmudgeon - we've known I need a new Him. Stay tuned for all the many malfuntioned ways a girl wanting to hold on to the first dream she saw coming to life can be fueled by this He.
No, I don't like it. Yes, I talk to other guys who are into me. No, I wouldn't go to a funeral for anyone else in the county.
"psexs". Well, at least its a nice thought??!!? Mine is 'iwlhsuo' = I will hose you oh?? I like mine too!