Monday, March 20, 2006

Thats RIGHT!

Its 5pm on Monday and I am officially CAUGHT UP.

I started this job without my trainer shadowing me two weeks ago today and I am finally at the point where I can look my unexperienced blank starin boss in the face and say "I don't need you to take anything off my desk, what you see that I'm working on is all I've got!"

She lost her words.
Then said "oh, well, uhhh, GREAT! ok then, I'll go find something else to do!"

Apparently the girl before me was fine with having people not in the computer system set up to get a job ASAP, but to me that seemed a bit lame.
I also have a problem with consistently showing up at someone elses desk with my inbox and saying "I can't do it. You do it."
And these poor people looking for a job!!!
First they come in thinking they have a job interview and have to fill out 30min - 1.5 hours of paperwork before they meet anyone, they spill their guts to however many people want to get them on THEIR team (1-4 interviews back to back), THEN most people get to take assessments that are 1/2 hr long each (1-4 of these too), only to see their test scores and be told that if they don't get a call in three days or so they can call in.

In the mean time, this little hussy that sat here before would apparently email her new crush, talk on her cell phone to her b/f, or doodle hearts on the wrist wrests - their paperwork stacking up in a not so neat pile at the end of her desk.

Today, while this malicious process was happening to these poor people, I entered all their info into the computer, emailed them the training services login, input their references and nearly filed their paperwork before they could ask for a cup of water between tests.

Thats right ya'll.
There is no stoppin a girl with a mission.
I wanted to be caught up by last week. I stayed til 7:15pm to get it done.
And today I proved to myself that being good at this job isn't a pipe dream.
AND I proved that missing a lunch break is humanly possible. Sure I had a peice of the home made cherry pie. Sure the usual snack of trail mix hit the desk. OK, so sometimes a pile of brocolli is actually dinner - why can't it be lunch too??

Just had to brag a bit.
How was YOUR Monday?? =)=)


Mona Buonanotte said...

Dagnabbit, girl, you kick effin ass! Way to show up the "old" girl!

Miss Sassy said...

mona - you kick effin ass too. Thanks for the shout out!
Lets hope when they offer me the permanent job they see that I am worth the extra $1 an hour I'll be needing to keep the job!!

Ale8one said...

My Monday? not nearly as efficient as yours.

and yes, sometimes i think a sweet potato or a bowl of oatmeal is a good lunch. (but not nearly as good as a bacon-cheeseburger..MMMM)

Anonymous said...

Fuck you bitch! You're not hot shit, you are always backed up on work, and if you're so fucking smart, you wouldn't write shit about your fellow employees on the internet! SMOOTH!! By the way, you dress like an old grandma you cunt!