Monday, October 31, 2005

Dating Dilemma

It was so blah I don't have anything to report.
Dinner at a steak house at 5pm on a Sunday.
I ordered a beer before my meal at the bar and refilled it mid meal (and even with the fill in waitress who asked "what were you drinking again" I didn't change my mind).
He sends me a Customer Survey email to have me rate his dating skills for better performance next time. On the list is place to meet, his dress, his ATTENTION SPAN, and some other crap I laugh at.
I want to be nice but there was absolutely nothing there to work with... he went to Japan with all the money he had saved to move out with and didn't tell me a thing about it!!!
Does it seem like I am at all hard to talk with here??? I left opportunities, I picked hot topics, I even left the door wide open to hear about the Star Wars collection.
Note to self: when they tell you they suck at dating and they live with mom because they can, you want someone W A Y more self assured/powerful/aggressive/wealthy/emotionally available/aloof/charismatic/testy/macho than whoever might show up to buy you an Awsome steak dinner and not give you guff for two beers or the leftover half slab of ribs.

So, do I be honest and tell him to grow a personality along with a backbone before attempting any further human contact? Do I send him the dating tips I get emailed to me once a week (it was a cute test and its hilarious the write ins these wussbags ask the guy to solve)??? Do I be polite and tell him its nice to hear via email that I am funny and attractive and whatever else he said but with not even an attempt at a crack of a smile for two hours over dinner its just not gonna cut it?? Or do I take advantage of this guy and have him meet me for another meal that he will pay for (because he has to pay people to spend time with him, not because hes a gentleman) and see if he loosens up??

I almost added that dating sucks. But I have to get to my email conversation with a MySpace guy who's in town visiting his brother and wants to take me out instead of Trick or Treat with his nephew. I told him commitments come before cum and I could call him later to see if the rugrat is down for the count before I turn in... karma rocks even if dating doesn't!!!

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