Friday, October 21, 2005


There is a sense of relief that comes with Friday - that soon I will have an open schedule to do the rest of my life, that I won't sit in a cube and shuffle papers and get paid; I'll have two entire days to fill out the rest of my existence.
Yet there is that overwhelming sadness that I know I will just sit and watch Tivo, convince myself sunbathing is a severly worthwhile activity, and try to mix in some snacks with my vodka drinks.
Tomorrow the dog gets a haircut. I am trying to set up the day so I won't just go home and wait for her to get done. But its all on me! There is no one to call to meet me somewhere, no other appointment to get to. I could get my haircut but it would be a walkin appointment and I've let it go this long so whats another week or three.
At 26 I feel like I am wasting my life on a daily basis - and the self sabatoge is the only thing that makes me feel like I am experiencing some of what life has to offer.
Maybe I'll get hooked on running when my knee heals and transfer my reliance on Hershey Kisses to an unhealthy need to run. Better get some shoes... maybe tomorrow ;)


W @ said...

Don't be sads about Tivo, without it you would miss all your favorite shows. that's what I do, between the meetings and deadlines throughout the week, who has time to watch TV. that's why I love my weekends. A cold beer, a couch, apuppy in my lap and TiVo. who could ask for more.

W @ said...

by the way...

Miss Sassy said...

Wade - haha - well, I enjoyed it for the first month straight... and plan to indulge regularly in the future, don't get me wrong... its just that when thats all the options you got EVERY weekend, well, its a sad report at the water cooler is all ;)
Though your Traveling Buddy is much less condusive to the up-and-go that what I would think off... I can see why you'd love this kinda day!! kit,