Thursday, October 27, 2005


Isn't there just something about the blue of the eyes of redheads?? That little something extra that makes you think of them more as gems than iris's? Its been far too long since I've seen a pair up close but even emailing a redhead gets me a little revved up... not to say the hazel eyed redheads don't have an extra something over their brunette counterparts - they do - but I happen to have this longstanding thing for light hair and bright blue eyes that is somehow crippling even to think of.
I sit here awaiting a reply from a former daily buddy who once a week or so would have to get in close and I'd get to examine the purity of the hue of crystaline blue that made up his peepers... and it makes my feet twitch and my knees weak just thinking about it.
So I'm extremely single. Confirmed. But come on, baby blues are magic, aren't they? Maybe not two months later magic for you... but whatever blows your skirt up I say =)

Ok, he's been chatty all day but the message I get right before he leaves the office is that his plans for the weekend are blah blah blah and talking his g/f into a threesome... I reply with two lines of hahahaha and chat about the rest of it... he comes back with (ten minutes left in his day) "as for the other, she told me I can have something on the side since she's chicken." bhhmhhmhhmhh - the sound of getting the wind knocked out of you by a sentance. I come back with a quick retort like "her parents were how conservative three months ago and their daughter said WHAT??? WOW" and hit send hoping to catch him.
No reply yet but I will admit to fantasizing about all the million ways such a situation could not ever work and how much fun it would be to experience every last mistake of it. Got two full hours of mindless work done, thank you very much! Now I am off to change my pants...


Mom of Three said...

I have a redheaded husband with the blue eyes, the girls' eyes turned brown, but it looks as if the baby's eyes will stay blue! He is stunning (as you've seen). But I have to tell you, I go out into public with three redheads and people STARE. Some women are like, "all I ever wanted was ONE readhead and you got THREE!" Redheads are the rarest people on earth, but have more follicles per square inch of scalp than any other type of person.

Miss Sassy said...

Remember about six months ago my circle of aquaintances was about 60% redheads?? Thanks to your lot of course ;) I looked it up due to the realization that every other person I met was redheaded... only 2% of the World population is so blessed! And thats AFTER we burned ya'll at the stake!!
Thanks for the added info and yes those baby's blues are indeed stunning =)