Thursday, October 13, 2005

guys suck

Have you noticed that the more fun you have with someone via email or phone, the less they can even match the fun conversing in person - let alone have a shred of the fun guy hanging off their shirt that you could at least grasp in hope of finding the rest of the cloak of fun guy you knew before??

Also, the more they taut their specialness/diversity from the norm/all mightyness/super powers/general 98th percentile of society greatness, the more you wait for any iota of experiential data to support these claims - therefore making you unavoidably conscious of how normal they actually are?? And then you feel sorry for them and want to let them know that they really do blend into the background (to the point you can't find them in a club with 30 people in it when you come back from the bathroom) and have to decide at every communication on the topic (which is every meet or greet in most cases of these arrogant pricks) if you are going to continue to literally bite your lips or if this will be the day you release the hatch of all the ways they are exactly like every other guy you've ever met or talked about in a gab-fest with the chicks.

Not to say women don't have faults or misrepresent themselves or think they are Queen of the Valley without any reason besides the fact they are so afraid to deal with the normal ways of life that they hide behind the ego necessary to sustain that level of I'm Damn Cool... but to me they are just lame chicks and they don't throw fits of superiority when I am honest with them about who I am.

Good thing guys have chivalry and dicks to keep me interested or I might stop talking to the whole gender on principal.

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