Monday, October 17, 2005

Mid Morning Rush

Its a wonderful joyous evening that is filled with lightning cracks and thunder claps and random yet fierce thuds of water pouring from the sky. I got to drive in it, watch it chase me up the freeway, and enjoy from the comfort of my bed the sounds and sights of just such an evening (well, I got home at midnight, does that count??) last night. And I loved it so much I left the window open just enough to hear the swell of the wind and the pine needles brushing together as my lullaby.
The downfall of such a wonderful sleeping environment is that now, after being up for two hours, the left side of my sinuses is in total revolt of the air system pumped into my cubicle and is draining like I need absolutely no mucous membrane in my head in the next 15 minutes. Not that this would ever be a lovely way to start the day, but when my eyes drip onto the pages, smearing the triple faxed 7pt font numbers in the corner of the file I am reading as I try to dismiss the evidence of my latest bodily revolt against itself, my only solice is the memory of the full moon shining behind the thunderclouds out my bedroom window. Hmmm.... loverly.