Sunday, January 28, 2007

Its Finally Happening

After a long, late night, alcohol induced conversation with Sister late this week, I got a call Saturday morning that said "I can appreciate that what I was trying to do for you, get you out of your living situation ASAP, is what you have been working to do for me. I also understand your financial position and am thankful that you are able and willing to make sure that I have a place to live and the rent will be covered for February, no matter which day I move in. I see your point about it being more stressful to move in these trying weeks at your job, if for nothing else that you know where all your stuff is, even if you are being yelled at by Brut just for being awake. Thank you Sister for looking out for me and explaining that we were both trying to protect each other. Are you sure you won't have to live there for more than a few weeks? Yes? OK. The reason I called is to tell you that last week I told my manager that I wouldn't be moving and that he could leave me on the schedule past 1/31, but last night I told him that I am moving next weekend and that my last shift will be 2/2. If you could plan on helping me move in on that side of things, I'll find help to load the truck on this side of things, and we'll just move your stuff over in bits until the guy moves out. Perhaps we'll be friends with the guys next door by then and not even have to rent a truck!"

Did you get all that??? My sister was letting her fear of changing her life (she admitted it, I'm not pulling this out of my ass) be overshadowed by her caring for me and my living situation. It was only after I pointed out that we committed to paying for 2 bedrooms of rent and that her living sitch has been shit far longer than mine that she conceded to move as planned.
How fucking sweet is that???
This from the same Sister who, this time last year, wasn't returning my phone calls for a month. This from the same Sister who, this time two years ago, was generous enough to save me a cell phone surcharge the month I declared bankruptcy, only to take the money I was sending her and NOT get the bill paid on time and leave me excommunicated for about 2 weeks of every 2 months - a mere 6 months after shipping out from my home town and finding it tough to set up shop in a new town.
And now I get a call nearly daily just to see if I've thrown my shoe at anyone's head today?? I get someone willing to try to grow like a dandelion through concrete in order to facilitate a better life for me?????
Are you catching this?
The best part is that she has swallowed her fear and loving protection of me and committed to moving next weekend!!!! While this surely has the ingredients for a make or break situation, I'm liking our jumping off point and beg for your whole hearted happy thoughts on this one... we are both excited about living on this street, in this neighborhood, the layout of the house, the garage space, the lack of freakish roommates to learn, the ability to cook a meal fit for queens and polish off a batch of home made cookies and not care who's turn it is to do the dishes. Our family has a lot of skeletons in our closets, but we hide our love for each other there too, so stay tuned for what I come up with when I delve into my darkest corners with my sister's hand as my tether to the real world - you never know what you might find on such a trek, and I don't mind saying that I've been avoiding things much longer than she has and harbor a tremendous fear of these unknown things - and continue to give her shit about her unreasonable frights anyway.
We are sisters, after all, and what good is all the good without a little bad for comparison?


Mom of Three said...

Finally! Resolution!

Congratulations...and just make sure that new puppy is a boy...less conflict!!! :)

Jamie said...

But once your life is perfect, what are you going to blog about? :-)

I'm just teasin. It's great to see you and your sister strengthening your relationship.

Miss Sassy said...

MOT - Sister wants a cat, we'll see what we end up with - do I want another dog anyway, or might it be OK to take a weekend trip without finding a dogsitter???

Jamie - pay attention Mr. - I've had my life perfect a few times since I've started blogging - but God Loves Me Enough to never let me rest on my laurels and throws me a loop (like "Sis, its ok, you move in, I'll wait a few weeks" followed by leaving my room and getting a bruised thumbnail from Brut biting me instead of the toy...)

curmudgeon said...

A CAT??????!!!!!!

The only thing cats are good for is... well ... I can't think of anything.