Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Spaz Update

Have you ever come to work, been chastized for being 20 minutes early, then go to a breakfast meeting 3 miles away but take 45 minutes to get there because your driver didn't look up WHERE the restaurant is, then spend 2 hours eating and talking to get bystander-anxiety on the way back to the office only to find out its lunch time and you had plans to take the lease you was told was "your copy" 8 days ago to the property management company and ask them a few questions (like 'thank you for paying for a gardener, everything in the yard is dead, will you reimburse me for grass seed and some bushes or should I just tell you that your gardener needs to bring these on his next visit?' and 'I need a walkthrough to see what you would give me TODAY as a return on the deposit, because I know the origional lease holder will be leaving soon and she is asking that I pay her what she paid to get into the place and I happen to know from experience NEVER to expect a full deposit back, so I want her expectations of what I will be paying out of pocket to be realistic') but you HAVE to get your goals met for the week and being out of the office for the first 3 hours of the day isn't lending you the opportunity to bail for an hour???
Has this ever happened to you on the same day you are asked to write a $600 dollar check to someone before they will sign a lease they already signed or they won't follow through with the moving out that they initiated?? I know it sounds silly, but I thought it was totally reasonable for me to meet the people who will be responsible for evicting me, and somehow this psycho is telling me that she will "just take it over, I can even fax it!" but refused to sign it so I could do the same. To the point where she called me, after she knew I would be at work at 8am, to say that as someone on the lease I needed to go through her if I was going to bring up that the grout between the tub and the wall needs to be looked at before I'll sign off on taking responsibility for this place - she's right, as someone on the lease, she would be told about issues with the house that concern me, and since I've brought this up 3 times in 2.5 months and nothing has been done, I wanted to let the management company know there is a pre-existing condition that may or may not need treatment in order to keep me from incurring the cost of, oh, replacing the wall in the bathroom...
Yeah, and it was 56 degrees in my room this morning when I woke up, and the water took 4 minutes to heat up for my shower, and the "where are you? what do you mean you are at your desk working?" followed by "what time is it? we are in SO much trouble!!" as I'm checking messages to see how angry work is and hear "so, is it the deposit money I need you to give me so I can give it to the place I'm moving? and you can't just walk in somewhere and start saying "mold" because places freak out about that and just tell me whats going on!" as I try to make sure it doesn't take us 45 mintues to get BACK to the office that I can SEE from the parking lot we are pulling out of...

Its not even lunch yet and I need a Valium.
Its Tuesday.
But, I'm commited to leaving ON TIME to talk to the management company and sign the lease, I will reiterate that the place will be fixed up, but its a matter of who pays for it, and that Spaz will be vacating ASAP so if I could get a simple walk thru for an estimate of needed repairs, Sister will be at the house next Wednesday!

Oh, and I had a veggie omlette, no cheese (well, they left it off the top), a cup of Sweet n Low'd coffee (refilled 4 times), the fruit cup, and the muffin came back with me to be my carbs with lunch (whenever I stop burping up breakfast, I'll dive into that!). So far, I'm on my new eating plan today is the point =) My skirt (that is part spandex, but mostly stiff cotton, that was left in the dryer too long last week) is reminding me that "a moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips" isn't just for the post-menapausal women who love to repeat it ;)


Jamie said...

Sounds like things are going well. Busy, and crazy, but well. Keep it up. You are almost there. Sister will be moving in soon!

curmudgeon said...

56 degrees? What's that shit?
I though CA was supposed to be all warm and sunny?

Miss Sassy said...

Jamie - we decided Sister moves in next weekend no matter what - see how quick Spaz finds a place to live when there are 3 of us getting ready for work in the same bathroom.

C - TELL ME ABOUT IT. Its not rainy like Northern CA, but I heard a rumor that there was snow in Malibu this week????
In other news, have you seen "Inconvenient Truth" yet?

curmudgeon said...

Nope, ain't seen it yet. I don't think I could stomach that maroon.
In the 70's we had the "New Ice Age" scare, and now it's completely the opposite. So - grain of salt babe.