Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The Haps

SO much stuff has been happening that I can have a computer that gets online at home and STILL not check in!!!

1 - I moved. Sister moved. She is getting the last of the kitchen stuff moved today. We have a place. It is AWSOME. Pics to come if I can remember and be awake and home during daylight hours.

2 - Job is going. Training and coaching daily has me understanding how to work the system to get what I need (like a goal met so I don't feel like the day has been wasted every day).

3 - Diet is shot to hell. I, therefore, feel like a bit of hell is dragging behind me. Working on it, but the beer was SO CHEAP for the Super Bowl so I HAD to get the big case and then moving and unpacking seems such a chore without a frosty brew at every corner... anyway, I'll get back into a schedule one of these days, but until then, know that I sleep in a drunken stupor and that makes my mornings nearly unbearable.

4 - I miss my online friends. Even just reading blogs. Makes a random call from Him that much more satisfying. Haven't talked in about 5 months, then a half hour catch up session. I'm not a mess... actually, I'm pretty impressed at how easy it was to just say hi. No promises about any follow up, but it made me feel like less of a loner - and a little awsome that he remembers me fondly enough to call and be civil and enjoy conversing with me. I.Am.That.Fucking.Cool. And I regret not being able to share this with you often enough.

5 - I had the bartender kick a guy out last night because I wasn't enjoying his company. My boss has my sister coming in to be our temp receptionist part time, starting tomorrow. The calls I was making yesterday had me realizing I actually do get people eating out of the palm of my hand as they wrap themselves around my little finger in about the first 10 seconds of chat. Somehow feeling that the pangs of hard work are coming to fruition... off to shake hands and see if I can be referred to as "so charming we just don't want you to leave our office!" EVERY day this week =)


Mom of Three said...

Welcome back! I missed you!

You guys moved into a totally different place? Is it in the same area? Beach views??? How did Her Shortness do??

Congrats and get back to me when you can!

curmudgeon said...

Yeah. What she (mom of three) said.

Glad to hear from you though!

Miss Sassy said...

I've missed you guys SO MUCH!!!
More drama to come...

Mom of Three said...

Nope, no new questions answered!!! Will wait patiently!