Tuesday, January 09, 2007

I Suck, I Blow, I Spit, I Swallow

This is the ONLY title that came to mind today, as I picture a string of sorority girls trying to snake through the crowd of fans at a back patio of a dive bar with a man and his Casio electronic piano and his mic starting a verbal riot at these obviously rude chicks trying to vacate in the middle of a show.
Well, it was "you suck, you blow, you...", but looking at my latest comments I realize it has been FAR too long with WAY too many things happening for it to have been a full week since I've posted!!!
My greatest apologies, my dedicated Statmonitored friends, for I hate when I am looking forward to a continued saga and find a repeat on the screen =(

Its lunch break on my second day at my new job and I am LOVING this new position with this company. It doesn't hurt that I came in during a flush week of activity and positive attitudes from everyone, but whatever it takes to keep me running from this place (at least until I see exactly what the new take home pay is next week ;) ).
The trainee isn't quite understanding that she needs to cut the cord, but I have been able to take lunch alone this week so thats a good start I guess.
I'm getting nothing but praises from all levels of managerial staff - apparently they are talking out loud about my strengths as much to boost my spirits and keep me working as they are to pat each others backs about how good they are at their jobs to get me here, but who am I to bust a bloated ego??
No sex as of late, becoming quite a problem, but I've also finally polished off all the alcohol in the house which was topped off with a bender at the company party (and the bar around the corner, don't worry, I didn't let the coworkers see me smashed!), and really think the negative mood I'd been carrying might have had something to do with the mini-detox I was calling a work day. Time will tell, but yesterday and today have been lovely =)
Also, there is no substitute for sunshine. Monty, this means you! My new desk sits back in a corner of a glass building and even with my back to the view I am awash in natural light and this alone is worth the constant frozen fingers from the fan of my coworker next to me in our 4' cubicles.

What else??? Spaz brought home some boxes the other day but I haven't seen them packed yet. Brut is only annoying when I walk by him, as his new favorite game is "MY CHEWIE" - only annoying because Spaz hands him a chewie every time he looks at her, and I get howled at for going into my room (when I didn't try to get near enough to him to try to take it, but he wants me to) or when I leave my room (when he sees me thinking about passing him and defends his chewie with every fiber of his retarded being) or when I come home (when he drops one at my feet and brags that he still has his and My Gorgeous Girl ate hers already)... yeah. I'll be packing those boxes come Saturday if she doesn't STOP GIVING THIS TOOL OF HATEFUL NOISE to this animal.
I don't think I'm kidding.
Curmudgeon, Sister is still kinda my bain of existence with the back and forth, and there is no convincing her that the praise she is receiving can be gotten at a place that will pay her more than minimum wage (in CA the wages just went up and no, she didn't get bumped accordingly). She isn't saying she won't move, or even into my place, but she is saying if Spaz wants to stay she is fine with that and I am trying to convince her that she will be scooping my addled brain off the pavement if I have another 6 weeks of this life.

OK - was that it? I breezed over the extreme embarassment covered by nearly severe alcohol thresholds with the karaoke at the office party, didn't mention that my boss's position in the next office asked if Sister was looking for work out here (then introduced her to my boss's BOSS by name, apparently there is a job like my new one open in the neighboring office), the limo ride from the bar to the house on the water with the guys with the drugs and the not so wandering hands and a surprising amount of trouble finding a way to leave their house in the morning (note to self: at 40 years old, I will have a working vehicle in the crowd of mechanical metal heaps in the driveway).

Ah, well, thats the jist of it I guess, my 1/2 of lunch I didn't have time to eat yesterday is calling my name and I am certainly ready to chow for 5 minutes before the next onslaught of super fast paced pressure oriented deadline driven work starts flowing across my attention span - ttys, I swear!


vincentblackshadow said...

Missed ya, glad to see the Sass is back.

curmudgeon said...

Damn! Sis needs a slapping!

Glad to hear you're liking the job in the cube with the sunshine. I do say, I'm a little jealous as all I have are posters to give me some sort of window beyond these walls.

Miss Sassy said...

VBS - like you don't know where I've been... and this is you at your un-cheeky self??

C - I think my manager might switch me seats because I'm constantly looking over her desk and out the window - If I had it my way I'd have the end of my desk butted up against the window pane, but apparently the techie electricians didn't wanna run the cables anywhere but the middle of the room =(