Tuesday, September 26, 2006

My Green Eyed Monster

Sexy is so into me he can't see straight.

I am like a pig in shit with an idiots grin about it.

I went to the gym last night, finished my dance class, went to say hi to Sexy at the front desk, bumped into the newly-friendly-for-no-reason Blondie (from WAYYYYYY back, same cutie, same blonde hair, same deep blue eyes, same insecure giggle of a laugh) who played my "should I stay and press weights or go home and walk the neighborhood?" like an expert with the "don't chump out, come press your body weight with your pinky!". Ended up chatting it up with Blondie at the water fountain, complete with hair flipping and belly laughs... spent the evening adding weights to machines and trying not to break form with a mid press giggle. Turns out I'm kinda pretty buff - and Blondie knew just about exactly how much that meant in Chick terms.
Yeah, so I'm happy that I got a workout, thrilled that I FELT something when I did it, and that it wasn't torture!!!!! ah, I could get used to paying for THIS. I walk Blondie to the front door, start giving the front desk crew some shit as I approach, wave bye to my new bestest buddie, and take up my post as the Token Chick at the circle jerk of guys Sexy plays with in the evenings.
And the shit slingen begins.
Maximus (as in Assholeous Maximus, aka Sexy's housemate as of the end of the week) is a bit of a testosterone tool, and while it is fun to watch Sexy be a guy, the two of them forget to be sensible for a female. Blondie's name came up about 39848305 times in the next 20 minutes... when Max finally left, I reminded Sexy that "if we can talk about the two girls you're trying to land at school, I can workout with someone" and offered a handshake - he took it and conceeded that I had a good point.
Sexy then engages me in enough conversation to have him locking the doors and walking me to my car. He had been asking if I had movies to watch, then flat out said "I just want to spend some time with you tonight". ::blink:: :: kegal twitch:: ::hide smile so I don't blush while he watches:: He follows me home, whispers in the house, follows me upstairs, pets the dogs with me, lays me on top of him as he leans back on the bed... and proceeds to kiss and touch me like he's in love with me!!!! Girls, Guys, Ya'll, I'm not kidding - I had forgotten what that felt like!!! I'm so used to using sex to gain the fancy of guys that I actually stopped mid kiss (he leaned up to continue, eyes lusty, hands stroking my back, not wanting me to leave) and said "what happened to you?" He kissed me, gently under the ear, didn't answer, just kept loving me.
We eventually had some sex, even with Flo in town... laying in the shower =) New one, I like it, and you can stay hydrated! He washed my hair, soaped me up, dryed me off, left me to do my girly crap in the bathroom, then silently we danced in the hallway for him to brush his teeth. We slept curled around each other, breathing each others breath, hard and fast and through the night. I woke up 5 minutes to my alarm, rolled over to see him looking right into me as he wrapped me up and kissed me. He had to go get changed (oh, and his books for class) so he left me with another kiss.
I rolled out of bed, washed my face, brushed my teeth, looked up into the mirror and found a big ol goofy light from within and shining through my eyes smile that would NOT LEAVE ME ALONE - my morning was a fit of starts to get dressed and pack my gym bag between the all emcompassing joy of the FEELING of being desired as a PERSON, not a sex object.

Its been hours, my cheeks are still burning a bit.
And to top it off, my ass hurts from the power squats Blondie had me doing, so my body really feels as energized as my head... on 5 hours of sleep I am sitting here with no stimulants and getting more work done and with more clarity of mind than I've had in days.

So here we are, I'm falling, he is certainly falling, and the only sure and fast way to solidify that he wants me is to flaunt that I can have someone else =)=)
My Green Eyed Monster - Tamed.


Monty said...

Yeah, you're both free as birds

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

Hammer those glutes.

Miss Sassy said...

Monty - sure, free to do what we want, and all we want is each other, isn't that a trip??

LBB - its the second morning after - I nearly fell on my face climbing one flight of stairs into work... glutes thouroughly hammered. =)

curmudgeon said...

Ahh, shucks. Yer gettin' all gushy now.

That's okay. He seems to like you plenty. :)

Miss Sassy said...

C - its ok until one little thing sends me into a tizzy...lets remember, I am still a chick, we are crazy!
More fun than a Lamer though!!!

curmudgeon said...

Good gawd-a-mighty. Ain't that the understatement of the year. :)