Friday, September 08, 2006

Today Was a Good Day


Got to work on time. Wait, walked into the office with my makeup set, my tummy full, my hair sprayed, and looking all KINDS of sharp. Had the lobby door held for me, got an elevator that didn't stop before my floor (15th up means a lot of "wanna puke yet?" stops on some days), and the one person I had to chit chat on the way up not only hit on me but offered to buy me a drink at lunch.
So I'm in the office. The receptionist we are supposed to fire to meet a budgetary red line in the sand isn't fired. This means I come in and the work I had at the desk when I left last night is done when I show up. Plus she and I get along so I get to BS about anything for 10-15 min a day. BRILLIANT.
Work. Well, yesterday I was a bit overwhelmed with delicate info and situations and it was all a bit terrifying. Today, I just pulled out my To Do list and started doing them. New stuff got added and CROSSED THE FUCK RIGHT OFF. Booya, I KNEW I could pull off this job and the FedEx guy getting my package as he emptied the bin at 4:30:02pm is my proof. And the boss brought pies back from lunch. There are THREE of us in the office, and she brings us TWO pies. There is something about sucking whipped cream off the end of your finger while on a work phone call that is just delightfully sinful and worth repeating. Maybe for breakfast, we'll see.
Socially, I was on my game. The chick at the Hawaiian bbq place I had lunch at was eating up all my jokes and stalls as I tried to find the perfect plate of comfort food. 3 kinds of seared bbq'd meats next to mac salad and rice on top of cabbage shreds. Bottle of bbq sauce on the table and I was flat out grubbin on short ribs and chicken and beef that was so good I had the next table look over at my first-taste moan. The coworkers wondered what I did at lunch because of the grease smear at my lips and the unrelenting smile on my face. Oh, and they met Sexy last week, so they have a visual of what I could be smiling about.
Right, the guys, they were responding to my Sassy ass all day too!
Mr. Techie with the emails and then the personal email addy talks and then the end of day "I promise I have a work question so please pick up the phone!" email from me that had us laughing our asses off all the way until the phones shut off.
Mr. Sexy with the look around for witnesses before the wink and "so how about tonight? can I come over tonight?"and the sheepish grin and look to the floor when I asked if he needed to write my number down somewhere in case he looses his phone for three days and then asks if he can come over. We will fuck like monkeys and do his trig homework, he'll be here in 15 minutes.
And the gym rats were SWARMING... I mean the instructors of classes I take, the front desk guys, the membership guys that hang out and wait for a friend of a member to need a tour, the guys in class that never talked to me the 6 months I saw them once a week.
Yeah, my mojo is fuckin ON POINT. And its the full moon. My boobs are swelling RIGHT NOW. My face is clearing, the sleep pattern is normalizing, the hormones are in the middle of the pendulum swing and I am LOVING IT!!!
Oh, and I talked to just about every friend I have in the last two days and have come to grips with the fact that I will be moving soon. This place isn't worth the extra $100 a month they will be charging come Nov. 1st so this chick is on the hunt for a big room with an attached bathroom and a backyard with a dog for My Georgeous Girl to play with while I'm out workin my Sass to the bone. OR getting boned. Or making sure my muscles stick to my bones. Or eating some meat off a bone.
Shut up. Sexy will be here in 10 minutes, I'm a little distracted.

Yeah, so I can still see the scroll bar so I THINK you can make it without a potty break. I'm trying, give me a little credit. Off to powder my cootch and febreeze the bedspread...

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curmudgeon said...

So he found the number. Damn! You got all worked up for nothing. Well, almost.

You've decided to move?