Monday, May 22, 2006


I get it I get it I get it I get it.

I KKKNNNOOOOOOWWWWW I haven't posted and SSSOOOOO many things are to blame!!!

Every time I get a totally blogworthy ANYTHING happening I am too busy DOING it to stop and Blog It.

Sorry. Spank me, see if I care ;)

For starters (and quickly, so I catch ya'll up), I thank you for checking in still - maybe I'll get in a schedule to blab a bit.

Blabbing has already started!!!! AAAHHHHhhhhhh!! I just can't help myself!!

Alrighty - the gym is officially my social life. I missed a class two Thursdays ago and on my way in to the second class of the evening I was ASSAULTED by 4 people and casually asked by another 5 RE: my whereabouts. It was as if I was in the bathroom while winning an Emmy or something, I swear!
Anyway, it isn't all bad and it felt great to be noticed. Actually, the next Thursday I got asked by,directly and while maintaining eye contact, Blonde Bombshell if I would be coming to the next weeks class. I came home and passed out on the day of the oh-so-would-have-made-an-AWSOME-story-if-I-hadn't-just-had-his-g/f-as-my-workout-partner. Whatever. There is always this week.

Home life - fave roomie officially back with tard b/f. They sleep with each other 5 nights a week, 1/2 of them at my house. This means I wake up and don't know if I'll be fighting a 6'4 built black dude with dreds for the toilet. NICE, I know. Anyway she is in denial and its starting to grate on me that she KNOWS he is annoying but keeps talking about her 2 YEARS ago ex-fiancee like he is still anywhere in the picture and REFUSES to see Tard as the rebound she needs because they are the only two guys in the COUNTY with dreds (Psych Major Walking - beware).
The Downstairs Girls are in fine form, and if I had time I'd complain about what morons they are, but I've got NO TIME to fuss about today.
Moving on...

Family - Sister came to visit this weekend (again - I haven't NOT seen her for a weekend since the Tahoe trip, kinda freak'n me out that we are still talking, but she owes me BIG so shes staying on my sweetie pie side =) ). She realized how big her life could be if she lets it, how many opportunities she can sweep up, and how easy it can be to set up a new life if she just puts a smile on and talks to people. She also confirmed that I am a sucker for $1 shots =)
My Georgeous Girl got her summer shave this weekend and knows EXACTLY how cute she is now. I am not sure she slept at all Saturday afternoon or AT.ALL.YESTERDAY because whenever anyone would move about she would be underfoot and rolling around on her back with a BIG OL' smile on.
We love this time of year. Actually, its a little wierd because she looks like a black lab on tiny legs anyway but now with the long Cocker hair trimmed up to the skin she REALLY has a Mini-Me thing goin with Bubba, her 3 year old black lab buddy. Fave Roomie fell against the wall at the cutness of the little one; Squeeky thought the big one got a bandana as a new outfit (Mini-Me was laying on a pillow on the floor so the legs were disguised). Good Times.

After all that, I started my new job this week. Promoted!!! I have Mousy's position in a neighboring office.
Thats Right Thats Right!!!
Its a much smaller office, but as for the administrative support staff its me and a part time front desk-er. Training this week, three day weekend, all me next week, and the $$ part of the promotion kicks in on the first.
I am THRILLED to be in a company where I am told I can move away from the front desk and then it HAPPENS!!!!! In 2.5 months I went from needing a job to being a temp to being a permanent employee to being transfered and promoted to a management position!!!! muah muah to my company and ex-Big Boss for believing in me!!!!

What else?? OOHHHHHHH -
Not to beat a dead horse, but with all this fun stuff happening (sister back in my life, home settling, pooch nearly having surgery but getting beautified instead, promotion), I have had NO aching desire to prove myself awsome to Him. ::sticking tounge out:: I mention it only because I was going through the list of people I wanted to be sure heard the news ASAP about all the goings on and He used to be about mid list... this time I just passed Him right over. Somehow Das wasn't on the list either, but I'm in a good mood and I don't want to talk about it ::another tounge out::

Gotta pee, gotta eat, gotta run!!!

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