Monday, May 08, 2006

Mayo Mia

Ay my goodness this month is not my favorite already!!!

First the work thing.
Fine, good experience in reading what managers are really telling you when your talked to instead of canned.

Second, the guy thing. Sure I am thrilled to be dateable again, but that the dating site has apparently been advertising me coupled with the guy that didn't call me back this weekend and the nagging neuropatterns that revert to Him whenever I'm not paying attention... makes me want to scream a little. Not motivating enough to make me shave, even if I lay out in a bikini long enough to sunburn my entire back side at the first sight of sunlight, but enough to wonder if I need to put some dedicated effort into getting out of the house in order to meet some 3D people who don't chap my hide.

Third, the money thing. Another weekend of swiping the card and I haven't been keeping very close track of the funds for over a month now. My Gorgeous Girl went to the vet yesterday to get bloodwork done to be sure the steroids shes on so her back doesn't seize aren't wrecking her liver before I get a refill. While shes there I ask about this fatty bump on the back of her head that keeps getting scratched or something because it cakes over in protective icky stuff. The doc said the other 4 she has aren't too worrysome because they are staying where they are and not doing much but this one is obviously growing and infected and he wants it out ASAP. She now has an appt on Tuesday (THAT should be a fun kink to throw into the scheduling!) to rip a rent check worth of funds from my savings to keep her healthy. This on top of the "can't pass up a sale" binge in the alcohol isle Friday night (I can't remember the last time I bought food that wasn't from the deli, but somehow my grocery store bill is steady... problem? I don't remember having a problem.) and the $200 in bloodwork and pills I coughed on Saturday.

Fourth, this crappy weather thing. Isn't it June Gloom?? Why am I socked in four days a week? And how is my car still an inferno when I get in it after work?? I severly need to scope out my wardrobe for sticky icky appropriate outfits to peice together because this needing a sweater in the morning but sweating two steps out the building at lunch crap has Thanks.

Fifth, this PMS thing. Two weeks ago I was upside down on roller coasters between public bathroom trips thanks to Aunt Flos amazing timing. TWO WEEKS. So how am I unbearably pissy today??? Hmmm? Answer.Me!!!
Yeah, it sounds like that in my head. It seems to be all the time nowadays. Maybe its just the two and a half days of beer and tequila talking. Maybe I'm restless since I haven't moved or found a new job in a few months. Maybe I just need some dick that I don't have to hold on to, a house that I can watch a movie in without interuption, and a room that cleans itself. Or maybe I need to learn how to run so I can get all this huff and puff out on a treadmill. LOVE my classes, but something tells me that dancing around to hip hop isn't exactly going to give the high I need to smash this funk into a million irreperable pieces.

Fuck all May days.
Or get me fucked on every May day.
Either way, this month better shape the fuck up.


curmudgeon said...

WHAT?!?!? He didn't call? That's fucked up. Fucking fucker.
Hopefully he'll be shameful when you see him at work. Ah - the old dating co-workers thing. Awkward.

So how did you manage to parch your ass with shitty weather?

Miss Sassy said...

C - yeah, told you I didn't want to get too excited about this guy, didn't I!!!!

And I'm magic, thats how. Or an idiot, either way.

Mona Buonanotte said...

Yeah, it was 45 degrees this morning and it's now 75. Those boots I put on this morning were a bad choice.

OTOH, the college boys 'round here are wearing next to nuthin', so I got THAT goin' for me!

Miss Sassy said...

Mona - Good.Point.Sista!!!
The gym rats are getting to be more enticing, the walk to the gym is certainly more entertaining, and with all the windows down in the trucks these days even the drive in is getting better.

Thats my brightside gurl!!

Mom of Three said...

Yikes. Glad I'm not in bitch-slap range!

Some months are like that. But look at the dog payments this way: You willingly turn over extra money for this gas price bullshit, at least the money for her actually has a return you can touch and feel.

They do get expensive when they get old, don't they?

Like I said, Lucy has one on top of her head, same crusty icky stuff, but not really a bad infection per se. I wouldn't mind getting it excised, tho.


Bent Fabric said...

Hmmm...It has been awfully quiet around here.

Mom of Three said...

I agree....too quiet.