Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Thanks to Curmudgeon for pointing out that my efforts to modify my blog turned OFF the ability to leave comments... He was VERY nice about my asking for comments on the first post that wouldn't ALLOW comments... I promise it was just a happy clicker finger that got me turning off and on all kinds of new tricks - ah, hell, now I'm all dirty thoughts...

Anywho, I got all click happy again and I THINK I let you comment again =)
Let me know, I think my email addy is linked to my profile or on the sidebar or something - of course no time to check since I'm still training and using the 3 minutes my exiting pro needs to pee to think about you all!!!


Mom of Three said...

Curmudgeon is da bomb! I thought it was me and my lack of computer savvy. My esteem hath been restoreth.

I was wondering where you were, and now I have been having a LIFE! Congrats on the new office and on the gorgeous dog and seeing your sis and gettin' buff!

I've been too busy to blog much either, though I did throw down a rant tonight. Looks like we may have a for real house...why? Because it's 150K, a total bargain, a total wreck, and from a guy at Tom's work so nobody else knows it's on the market and nobody else can undercut us! Every single solitary aspect of it needs work but it's functional and solid and more to come.

Missed you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

curmudgeon said...

Ahhh, shucks. :)

Miss Sassy said...

C - I like the idea of your icon blushing...

MOT - yeah, I'm a dorkus. But I haven't gotten any more anon comments and THAT is nice =)=)

Darnded life havers - never having time to report their fun because they are having too much fun!!! What to do, what to do... EMAIL ME =)
Missed you tooooooooo MOT, I'm ALL.OVER.HOUNDING.YOU about house details; I expect pics ASAP!

Monty said...

Curmudgeon, a name that hilds respect. And as for pictures, where is your gallery of pictures Sassy? Maybe some from the gym, pumping iron, and from the command deck on the bridge at work. Solving the world's problems.

Proud of you! I didn't know the blog was still open. You need an e mail announcement, broadcast.