Wednesday, May 03, 2006

And Life Goes On

I got asked out yesterday.
We will be chatting on Saturday about what our afternoon plans will be.

Is it bad that I've been thinking that dating would be a good addition to my life these days, and when I got asked out I didn't think "wow, hes cute and smart and nice and listens when I talk and blushes when I want him too and we will hang out Saturday to see if its just both of our working personalities that jive or if we are really cool together!!", instead I thought "I need to get out and he will open my life up to getting out of the house more and gosh this is darned good timing to start my summer fling!" ?????

Is the pragmatic approach really so bad? I feel like I'm dismissing the opportunity to have that overwhelming giddyness that comes with crushin on someone - will that come later? or just after a few drinks?

Remember when I talked about changing the format of the blog since I'm not a Cubvilian anymore and I wanted to stop whining about being in my 20s and start talking like I enjoy being distraught all the time??
The 100th post wasn't a strong enough motivator, but the time is upon us - well, me, to get to it.

I have been told that the girls in the office found my blog left up on my screen and were very hurt by the things I've said about them here. I am a little confused as to how that happened since I am sure to close my windows and/or log out before leaving my desk in the hands of someone else for this very reason. They read back quite far, had a printed out highlighted copy of about two inches of pages, and I have no reason to think that this web address won't be revisited by the offended parties.
After a quite lengthy discussion with both my managers, I am assured that they like my working here and feel this personal offense I've committed can be mended, but I was asked specifically not to talk about work here.
I remember Used Hack saying too many people found out about his blog and had to disappear or relocate with no trace. If you go to his old address, the entire format and voice of the blog is severly different. I don't know if that is necessary here, but with my schedule the way it has been, this office was the prime source for any thought provoking adventure in my world. Surely I will have to have a life outside of the office if I will be blogging much in the future.

Let me know if its ok to get all worked up over the date this weekend - it will foster much more entertaining posts in the future!! If you don't want to comment, email me =)


curmudgeon said...

Woops! You're lucky they didn't just chytt-can you.
But chances are, someone was just snooping. It ain't that hard to see what sites other people surf.

Monty said...

People in business used to go friggin' nuts because they wouldn't talk to anyone. They'd keep it all inside. One day, this guy came to town, hung out a shingle, and was booked for every hour he decided to work. He sat and listened, and cherged these businesspeople to talk to him. He was deaf, dumb *and* blind. Made a friggin' fortune.

Miss Sassy said...

C - ok, but HOW easy to see? we log in under different names and its passworded so its not like she typed "her" into Explorer and I popped up on her list, right?
Tell me All Techie!!

monty - maybe I'll try that. This desk job stuff always frustrates me; perhaps just listening to the whining of others can pay my bills! Now THATS why I went to college!

curmudgeon said...

Like, REAL easy to see.
First of all, you have the cache, recently visited, IE temp files, ...
Anyone with any savvy of those can see where you go and what you do. Techies with more savvy can find it even easier.
Also, if there's any sort of packet monitoring going on, they can see what, where, when, how long, risk, category, content, counts, computer id, username,... everything you can possibly think of about your web sufing.

Mona Buonanotte said...

Just have fun on the date...pinch his ass...flirt and show that sass!

Mom of Three said...

They wouldn't have been so upset if there hadn't been a grain of truth, after all. I know my Mother in Law snoops on mine, even though I told her to use the other address, but if she's a glutton for punishment, it ain't my issue!


I am sorry, I can probably guess about the sick feeling you had in your tummy when you found that out!

In other news, Lucy is 15 today!!!

Have fun on your date. Is he cute?

Mom of Three said...

HEY! It's Sunday! We wanna know how it went!