Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The Rest of the Story

This is what WAS at the bottom of "The New Job" post.
Go figure I got carried away with the chat.

I KNOW already.
Laugh anyway.
Go ahead. I'll wait.

Two posts in one night. At least I'm posting instead of falling into oblivion and making your blog roll look outdated because you keep waiting for a post and I decide, um, keeping my JOB and SHOWERING are more important than complaining about my life...

But since your already here, behold the stuff that runs through this girls head on a Monday evening...

1) He is on my mind again because its His bday this week and the good person in me LOVES when people call out of the blue just because its my bday but I know its a stupid selfish thing to do.
2) My sister needs to move and she is 500 miles away and somehow I am doing the renting and driving of the van that will get her to my aunts house - 30 miles away. I'm trying to be glad she is changing her life and letting family help her out but she lives in Snow Country and the highway right to her house apparently suffered mudslides recently. Maybe by Friday when it all goes down I'll be ready for a road trip and a draining of my checking account, but right now it pisses me off that I won't go to the gym Friday and have to pack all my crap Thursday so I may skip a class there too.
3) Its my half bday this week and I want to use it as a memorable date for some money matters. With all the investing and retirement options at hand, I suddenly realized that maybe I should give all that money to my car loan holder before getting all feisty, er, um, I mean Sassy with what I do with my money. Makes a little sense to start early with the retirement funds... but if I am paying interest rates higher than the return rates on the investments, I'm still not getting out of any hole, right??
4) The business in my closet was dusted and displayed two weeks in a row for a no show. She comes to my work (got fired from her temp job) and emails me. She refuses to call me. She asked three times if I'd bring the stuff to work this afternoon standing in front of me, and tonight I check my email and she asked again. DAMMMMITTTT. I was trying to think positively about maybe she would have lots of rich people who love to buy one of each of everything and this could kickstart my business... instead I remember why its in the closet!!! Whatever, if I bring her a bag of crap and some samples she'll think I'm a goddess and shower me with ANOTHER hour of chit chat about nothing I can remember while I am trying to clear out my three days old inbox... then buy me out!!! Ah, who are we kidding, she got fired from a temp job, she won't have money =(=(
5) My ex BFF is thrilled to bits about a Mexico cruise in June and is now incessantly asking if I've plopped the cash to go. Its a wedding for her new BFF and I don't know anyone but them and they will be ALL about the wedding and I would rather drive through Mexico and get the feel of the culture instead of the pretty painted port city and the amount of food I could injest and the sunburn I will surely endure and the time off work and all that crap... is what life and bonding are made of right??? Just tell me to go and I'll change my investment plans from 30 year to 30 day - live in the moment and all that. Somehow it seems like a lot of money to hang out with people I don't know and try to remain sober enough to recognize the ones I DO know.

Help a chicka out here, please.
The drama is getting thick and my Libran scales are tipping as my sleep gets hijacked by daylight savings and my normal "me time" activities of TV and drinking are loosing their lure.
Somehow there is part of me that thinks if I just had time to read my blogroll every day things would be better...


curmudgeon said...

I vote for the boat.

They're big. You can hang with them as much or as little as you want. And the day trips to the towns can be a lot of fun.
And no, you don't want to drive through Mexico. Not without a roll of twenties for the 'fines'. Phukk the culture. Take the tours.

Laurie said...

Libras. I feel ya girl.

I added you to the thank you list. I am pleading with you not to be angry. I am THAT sick today. I went through that list 3 times to make sure I had everyone. I'm sorry!!!!


Bent Fabric said...

I have two things to say:

1. Boat
2. Stay away from crack!

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

Fascinating glimpse into your mind.

Miss Sassy said...

C - Tallied.
My friend thanks you for pulling for her side =)

Laurie - rock the scales baby!!! You too? No wonder I dig you - and no wonder you can understand my chatterboxen!

Bent - fine. Two tallies.
Hmmm.. isn't GNC FULL of crack like "herbals"??? HHMMMM???? Just cuz its legal don't mean SQUAT, its still psycho uppers, and Sis got a stockpile for the weekend so mnah.

LBB - Thanks for stoppn by. Not quite the same randomness over here, but I enjoy the glimpses into your mind too =)

Mom of Three said...

Sounds like you could use a chance to cut loose and have fun. In short, a vacation. On a boat. You now have my permission to decimate your savings and go. Besides, with your sister nearby, you will have to get out of the area to get any peace!