Friday, April 28, 2006

Appreciate Your Admins

So I had 90% of a rocken, hot, Sassy, fresh post about my week and work and home and gym and how I am the bestest most awsome Secretary (yeah, I said it - boo ya PC lametard terms) and how they were all bowing to my savvy and then I got spanked with them taking advantage of my work ethic and "letting" me work 7:30am-6pm TWO DAYS IN A ROW after "letting" me miss the break part of 'lunch break' ALL WEEK because they catered lunches and I didn't have a reason to fight with the girls about me getting some fresh air so I didn't snap and jab a pencil in their neck the next time they start talking RIGHT IN MY EAR when I'm on a phone call and looking at a candidate and entering data into the profile they are asking if I've seen.


Then for the first time in THREE WEEKS, New Girl insists that I leave my desk on the set time instead of asking if I am in the middle of 14 things and do I want to finish 1 or 6 of them in the next 5 minutes while she gets her stack of crap to do at my desk together.
Today she's all "GO.TAKE.LUNCH. It will be here when you get back!"
Where was this attitude on Tuesday, my first day coming in at 7:30am (I have NEVER worked this early folks - EVVVVVVER!)???? PahLeeezzze Sweet Sore Butt Cheeks, where was this when I had to call her at 5pm and remind her that she didn't relieve me for a lunch break and that I had been working since before she woke UP and that I would like to see what its like to get off NINE HOURS after walking in and taking up my shackled position at the phones.
So I come back from my forced lunch today to find that she closed all my stuff from this morning and that your wonderful, spunky, witty post about how lovely it is to be showered with flowers and gifts and praise only to realize I will be clocking 39.5 hours in FOUR days this week with no reprise from Mousy since she is the reason my PLANNED hours for today are 7:30am-6pm (yesterday New Girl came in with a migrane and decided at 3pm she couldn't stay so I was 'allowed' to cover my own desk until 6pm . Yeah. Thanks. Tell me AFTER I forgo the break for lunch for the free food for Administrative Professionals Day instead of turning on your heels when you WALK IN ready to puke you too-scared-to-piss-off-Mousy dumbass).
Apparently when your the manager and you want the day off, you loose your authority to tell your employee that she can't have the day off too. I heard all about it as Mousy yacked her complaints to me FROM MY DESK.
Yep, she kept me from doing my job so she could tell me how she can't do hers.

Its now after HALF of my lunch hour (New Girl and I are taking 2 half hour lunches to better accomodate being stranded as each others only hope for backup all day and then being stranded All Alone with 4 scheduled candidates in the same 1/2hr time block. Thanks LameTards).
The RockStar is cracked.
The deli foods are half eaten.
The King Sized M&Ms I got handed to me is being snacked on.
The coffee has been topped off.
The water bottle is full.
I'm prepared to sit here until the sun goes down if thats what it takes to do my job WELL and be sure I'll be notifying Big Boss of all the stuff I did that Mousy didn't do that I took care of today while doing my job AND catching up for the time I had to listen to her (and everyone else in the whole office - like gossip and backstabbing are contagious and they are trying to get me to catch it or some shit).

Peace to you all. Its the afternoon lull here in Sales Friday Deadline Hell - Location 051. I beg of you to sincerely thank your admins for taking your shit all the time and remembering to Come.Back.For.More.Every.Day even though you normal treat them at their level - the bottom of the totem pole (don't believe me? When is the last time you bought them lunch? Do you know where their pay scale is compared to the rest of your company?? Toss them some M&Ms once in a while - we are like hungry lonely dogs that come back for any modest display of affection).

Hey Guess What!!! My sister is coming to visit ME this weekend!! Like I get to stay home AND visit with real live humans!!! I'm thinkin lunch in Malibu, use the Blockbuster gift card I got with my flowers for Admin Day, and lots and lots of vodka so I forget that I booked 39 hours in a 4 day week so I come back on Monday.
Cuz seriously, how am I supposed to pay for blog reading internet access without a job??


Monty said...

Finally I have gotten Blogger to work. Good to see you back. Whip that office into shape. Get them organized. Use the Jedi mind control. And smile while you're doing it. They'll never know what hit them. You did get the names of the ones that stranded you...

Mom of Three said...

It's hard to soar with the eagles when you're in the cubicle next to the turkeys, ayuh.

This is true for most of life, however.

Miss Sassy said...

Monty - thanks for coming back!
Yes, I am in the throws of harboring the Force for my good, snitch lists and all...

MOT - again with this soaring business. If I didn't know better I'd think you were supporting a High Life lifestyle.

curmudgeon said...

You forgot the catheter to accommodate all that water and coffee. Can't have you running to take a leak every half hour now.