Monday, April 10, 2006

Made It.

I put 1100 miles on a rented cargo van.
The capper of the weekend was unloading the stuff into my aunts garage. We talked about how my sister can't pay for a new calling card and how my aunt is late on her electric bill but how we were hungry so we went across the street to the steak house Aunties Dreamboat/Fiancee works at and had what turned out to be $100 dinner. On my card.
I ordered crab cakes and a bottle of beer.
The rest of the weekend was kinda on that par.

I will be waking up extreeeeeemly early in the morning to unload the TV I lifted from the squaters paradise my sister was living in along with the DVD player she somehow yanked from my stuff and kept in working order this whole time before returning the rented cargo van and then going to start a work week that is already set up to be anything but predictable.

Its 11:30pm and I had to get online for some semblence of anything happening this weekend that I had any desire to do. I don't know if I have a clean pair of pants for work tomorrow, but I'll find out soon enough.

For now, I am thrilled to be in bed, covers to my shoulders, pupster sprawled all up my leg and snoring a bit.
Perhaps the pillow will rub the WELCOME sign off my forehead, or at least refresh my ego so I don't feel so much like a doormat.

Fuckin family. Why did I give them my new number again? Tell me they aren't all like this, or I'm not starting one of my own or getting any inlaws EVER.

(hey Curmudgeon, its a real shorty!!! Check it Mr. Smuggiepants! HA! I knew I could do it!!)


Mom of Three said...

Okay, St. Sassy, sleep well, you've earned it.

Meanwhile, here's something to make you smile. I saw the "Merlot and email" figurine on this website and thought of YOU!!!

Hey, at least you got your DVD player back? What was the squatter's paradise like????

Miss Sassy said...

mot - welcome back!! Thanks for all the comments =)
I usually fall victim to the 'vodka and text' or 'beer and call' versions, but a little buddy on my monitor wouldn't be too bad!! =)
We'll chat soon, if I can stay awake =)

Avatar said...

Ditton on the sleeping well.

//I'm not starting one of my own or getting any inlaws EVER//

Amen, sister. Amen.

Avatar said...

Er, "ditto".

I'm sick... that's my excuse.

Miss Sassy said...

Avatar - I didn't even catch it on a first read... ditton, think we could start it??
Sick now?? Does it STOP raining on your parade EVER??
Big Cyber Air Kisses for better days... mine are easing up as the sleep meter racks the points and the full moon/PMS cycle has me ingesting M&Ms like they are mothers milk.

Monty said...

M&Ms are mother's milk. Nice to see you survived the move and the family. Let there be no next time. Memorize the word "NO". If you really have to come up with an excuse, just tell them that your new girlfriend who's keeping you won't allow it, and being an can take it from there. Oh she has such nice muscles....

Nice to see you again. This comment could be longer than your post was.

Miss Sassy said...

Monty - the M&Ms were dark chocolate kisses today, thanks to the office candy pool... not the same at all... like eating meatloaf besides moms...

I'll just avoid the calls and claim I was strapped up and flogged and she didn't get it when I said "monty said its ok!" and kept on until we had it right, hows THAT for freaken the family?

curmudgeon said...

"hey Curmudgeon, its a real shorty!!!"

D@mn, you really must have been tired!