Tuesday, May 29, 2007

When Asked Directly

All she said was "hey, did the rest of your weekend turn out ok, I didn't hear from you after Saturday...", and she recieved:

We call Creepy Guy "kindawannastalkya", he is of the family that knocks at the door for 7 minutes and then tries the door and walks in to see if you can hang out. He has a major crush on Jessie and is a little actually-helmet-worthy crazy (or the drugs make him so, he zones out and speaks Samoan to himself even in a room of people!!!).
Yeah, I kicked his foot out of my house and 3 minutes later my doorbell was ringing like there was a fire in the building… when I finally answered the door he goes "can I come in and hang out?" I said "no, I told you, I'm going to bed, this isn't where the party happens, this isn't a place you should consider when looking to hang out, especially at midnight-ish. BYE."
yeah, I let Sister know I'm not to thrilled with how things are working out, took time to clean and organize and get pretty stuff where I can see it (still can't tell what is clean or dirty laundry, but who needs to walk on carpet anyway???), she started understanding its not fun for me to be her tag-along-date and that I don't like the idea that my social life/bar fund will be depleated because she got a car payment and my covering rent means I haven't met any of my financial goals AND I won't be able to afford the bar on my own either! She got it, and got MoneyBags to show up and pay toward her down payment (would have been felony level fraud if she couldn’t get the chick on the phone to pull the check from the deposit bag!), he is so afraid of my threat of physical violence he didn't come into the house even while I was chill'n on the beach, and then last night he got Sister's old car sold so he can give her the REST of the rest of the down payment. All this means is that my savings account stays intact and I can save for my debts/car insurance payment/Wales trip/vacation anywhere instead of hers.
Got invited to play at the gym with Double Dipper (can't figure out what to call him, he's gay or comes off that way from imitating his older brother and Sister doesn't like him because of it, and he keeps asking for both of us to do stuff though only calls and kisses her…), and Sis hasn't invited me to the Valley to pick up the money for the car sale at the restaurant that has sucked 3-6 hours of my life at a time on 4 occasions in the last 2.5 weeks… might get a night alone if I can swing it!!!
Honestly, I'm not used to hanging out so much, no matter how much I want to be married or codependent or intertwined in someone's life – I've still been a single renting a room from strangers for the last few years and there is a lot of autonomy that comes with it. I'm thinking being in the house alone for that time Saturday started the Flo-induce avalanche of dammed up regular ebb and flow of social/independent/social tendencies.

Just can't figure out which fraction of my world to take a grip of and shake heartily to induce change, but you are right to wonder if I'm stable these days ;)
Also, when is your hubbie's next night at The Club? He can drop you at my place and we can play with girlie stuff while he's off being a guy's guy =)=)

Did you see THAT??? All she did was say "hey, how's it hangen?" and I go through a rant about how this three-day wekend I was a total mess of indignation and self pity and then invite her over!!!!!!!!

Chicks are crazy!!!!


curmudgeon said...

AHA! I knew it. You're on the rag again!

That's about the only time you post any more.

Miss Sassy said...

C - Bite me. its the only time I stop giving a shit and start chatting again ;)

Mom of Three said...

Okay, that's IT. I want you two in a complex with a gate. Enough's enough.

Either that or get a TRO on that mofo NOW.