Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Fuck Flo

Hormonal Tyraid Ahead...
Poor Curmudgeon and the replies he gets to his cute little comments...

oh, you should hear the rest!!!
I hear at lunch, in the hallway while I'm on my cell phone coming back from the ladies room, that I get a new coworker TOMORROW!!!!!
the real beast of it is that my ex-manager/current coworker told me on her way to lunch that she was told THIS MORNING that the new person starting tomorrow isn't her replacement but rather her new direct manager.
and, as I have 2 companies expecting people at work today that I knew nothing about when I came in this morning, and I filled those positions, and was in tears to get out of bed (literally hid under the covers from the day) then again in the shower, then tried to suck it up before walking in the door, then in the hallway walking off the venom in my veins for being set up for failure first thing on a Monday morning, I am told -as I'm on a personal call in the hallway - that my boss appreciates what a great professional demeanor I have, the good example I set in the department, that she is sure I'll like the person that will sit next to me tomorrow and enjoys that I've set such a high standard on my side of the office.

Today, on the day I am in the hall in tears trying not to just walk out and go home... in a mis-matched outfit with yesterday's ponytail wave in my unwashed hair and my face looking remarkably like I rushed out of the house looking for an omlette on a hangover morning... today I get told I am appreciated (but not quite enough to be asked if I have a minute, if I'm actually talking on the phone that is at my ear, or to be given more than 18 hrs notice to changes in the chain of command in my office).

no, I'm not cranky, why do you ask??? =)=)

in other news, Sister and I hung all our pictures and set our living room up for actual use this weekend, filled the fridge with yummy nutritious food, and set our minds to being martini drinkers and indulged liberally =) Got a few too many pics of the cat I fear, but she was being noteably cute and nice and we needed documentation of the events =)

As for Shorty, there is a bit of lonliness, but not as much as the relief that I can take a full day off work and get out of town for 17 hours without worrying over her. And, I've got the itch to flee, and being able to fit my baggage in a suitcase when I do get the heck outta here has a certain leivity that I've never felt before. I'm kinda enjoying the freedom to be honest, and the dog will come when I have a life to put one in.
And, the cat comes to the door to greet me when I walk in, and its a reasonable enough substitute =)

how was your weekend?? are you checking blogs at lunch, or a slow Monday afternoon time??

See?? now I know why you guys post so I can't just reply to your email directly - I would NEVER have put all that in a comment box!


curmudgeon said...


Well, good luck with the new manager.

On the up side though - you keep getting set up for failure, but you always come through. They notice. They know you can handle it. You're in a good spot. Flo be damned!

But yes. I know what you mean about having the ability to take off when you want. It is convenient.
A moving target - er, I mean - a cat is a lot easier to leave to fend for itself for even a day or two.

Miss Sassy said...

C - you have a special kind of wit that hits my funny bone every time!
Moving target... HA!

Mom of Three said...

That didn't seem like such a tirade after all. But I do feel sad about the hole in your house, but glad that the kitty is stepping up to the plate, but irritated that the neighborhood kids are just as interested in pounding on your door as ever!

Any progress on getting a connection at home?????????

Miss Sassy said...

MOT - I forgot I didn't reply to this =( Working on the home connection now actually, LOVE the quiet afternoons!! Nothing yet, how is PeoplePC and those? Worth the $10 a month?