Thursday, June 07, 2007


Same shit, different day.

Ready to walk out of my job yesterday, spent a good 1.5 hours in meetings about it, still not sure the reason I'm so frustrated got across.
Awaiting my first commission. It will add less than one days salary pay to my check. Not sure all this work and effort and tears and pain and having my tablespoon of managerial shit jammed down my throat hourly (instead of the daily or weekly of past jobs) is worth the pittance.

Cops have been to my apartment twice this week. Sister may be a bit paranoid about the vato who wanted to watch my TV, but it must have been freaky to come in to say hi and see a shadow outside my window. So long Sunshine, Hello Dark Cave. The first instance was warrented though - we woke up to find our back sliding glass door open 3 feet wide. Since Sister slept on the couch til about 2:30am, it must have happened in the wee hours. Not Cool.
Yes, we have contacted the management company about legalities of breaking the lease if our house is broken into. No, we haven't started packing.

I am obsessed with travel. I want to go to Wales to visit a romantic interest there. I want to see my friends I only know by phone these days. I need a break from the norm and the daydreams and planning give me a distraction.

Partner has been out for basically 3 solid weeks. Manager is dealing with some heavy stuff at home, but is nothing but upbeat and smiles in the office. We get each other, she sees my frustration, but she is under the wing of Boss, so she is kinda stuck - making it very difficult to get anything actually accomplished on the managerial mishaps so we can all start making some money around here. Front Desk is getting snottier by the day - used to be some Sass I left on the chair, but these days she is just a walking ego that doesn't even get the phone half the time, let alone do any work. Canada just demanded get a few more hours a week so she can earn vacation time or she's walking, which would devestate the office because she has been covering the work that Front Desk forgets to get done as her boyfriend sits in the lobby and she is on the phone with her friends.

All in all... putting the dog down has been the least stressful part of whats happening around here?
How YOU doin?


curmudgeon said...

Good gawd woman. A whole truckload of new names! You're not keeping us (me) up on all that stuff!
You must be busy.

And - you need a gun. You don't need that sort of visitor.

Mom of Three said...

Put broomsticks in your sliders, it will make it impossible for anyone to open your doors. This is very scary. Keep those curtains closed, keep your cell nearby at all times. This sucks! Have you asked the cops about the crime rate in your area????

Mom of Three said...

I think even going to an upstairs apartment would be a vast improvement. What are the chances of that??? Would be a super easy move.

I remember when Tom's sister was in an apartment, they had some of the same issues, and the management gave them an upstairs, and it went much better.