Wednesday, August 09, 2006

blink blink

I was just making sure I got all my comments before I scoured my blogroll in a hunger driven by missed CBW's and all the off the wall thoughts that somehow get smacked with a pornography restriction from the office (how many times can that come up before someone cuts off your Explorer?)... and got SHOCKED by the last message I left a few posts ago.
Dated July 17th.
I said 'my home internet wasn't working last night...'
Its August 8th for 11 more minutes and I JUST got the bitch working again.
Well the roomie did the work, but COME ON, right??? 3.5 weeks???

all I could do was blink about it.

and then recite my new mantra: pay off the car, then worry about the rest. pay off the car, then worry about the rest...
I got through 9 before I could do a set in one breath - I was seriously hyperventilating about this. I've been paying bills for a YEAR to her, and to hear her talk it COST HER $xxx dollars to get whatever fixed and pay this account and deposit that account and fee this and at-home tech service that...
the only thing I heard was "so we're back online" and I have had my ass wearing a dent in the end of my bed (my chair, back off) ever since. Its been, ah, 4.5 hours.
Between emails of links I couldn't get and dating sites emailing me profiles I might want to respond to and personal emails and the INSTANT MESSAGING!!!! I almost forgot to eat dinner, drink the lemonade (vodkinated, naturally) on my desk, OR do some daayyymmm laundry. The dogs gave up on me and passed out hours ago.

Fuck I talk alot!

What I meant to say was "I'm back online, I want to visit your blog but I can't keep my eyes open any longer, hope you are well, I'm trying to not blow an arterial valve about being offline for 3.5 weeks, ttys".

But I'm a flibertygibit and damnit, you like me. Send me some crazy links so I can find out what the internet has to offer - I have NO CLUE what stupid pet tricks we've found in the last month!


curmudgeon said...

'Bout damn time too!

Miss Sassy said...

Now, when do I bring up that we were all paying our bills on time and we had to wait 3.5 weeks for her to get our 'lapsed bill so your cut off' DSL turned back on??

I'll just add it to the bullet belt for when she hates that I give notice to move out and she tries to get me to stay ;)