Monday, July 17, 2006

Oh the H.E. double hockey sticks with it.

Call me crazy, but when you've been up for 8 hours and the bestest part of your day was watching a fuzzball sway in the wind in the parking garage, perhaps its time to find a desk to crawl under and try again tomorrow.

The really awful part of that statement is that my weekend ROCKED!!!! Friday night on the town, courtesy breakfast to stave off aftereffects, nap in my bed before having the house to myself all day to watch movies and be a dork with the dogs and sing aloud and cook food and overall hide from the blistering heat outside followed by a leasurely Sunday morning before heading out to The Valley for a poetry reading by the author, an old family friend, and spending the rest of the day being a girl with my sister at an outlet shopping mall and a comp'd dinner at her place of work.

Somehow I thought if I were busy for the weekend, the work ethic would bleed into my work week. But Oh Haaaiiiiillllllll NO. Today is worse than ever!! Not that the muggy heat and my house would have me being any kind of productive. Not that its a major problem the AC is on so high in here that my triple padded booby bra is still letting the headlights shine through and sitting here is freezing my fingertips blue. I've met deadlines, taken notes at a meeting, done stuff, had breakfast energy drinks AND lunch... but somehow all that is calling to me (besides blog crawling, but I did that last night without the restricted access) is the foot rest under my desk.
Maybe new nylons aren't uncomfortable enough to keep me from thinking this outfit is more comfy than my PJs??? When I wear any that is.
Perhaps its that I got barked at first thing today and my inner adolescent is finally ready for her rebelious phase??
Perhaps its just that there is a lull in the office and its the hum drum mentality in the vents that is killing my appetite to work??

Heres the real rub. I went out to Happy Hour/lets run up his cards on top shelf shots all over town with this friend of a guy I guess I was dating last year. He is a year younger than me, covered in tatoos, has two kids by two mamas (didn't know that until the night was half over ya'll, give me a little slack), and makes TRIPLE the money I do by sitting at home 4 days a week and 'managing' the operations of a construction site via paperwork.
I sat in a restaurant and watched waitresses pick up $20 tips every hour. EVERY HOUR ya'll. How much of that do you think they declair on thier taxes??? How much you wanna bet their homes are nicer than mine (if they have two brain cells about them)?? I know our bartender was remodelling a house in the Valley - in 4 months she doubled its value and isn't in debt at all. She is paying for it with cash out of OUR pockets!!! And here I am deciding if anorexia is a good enough diet to start an IRA for, because I can't afford to save and eat at the same time.
Yeah, I'm whining. I'm a double major college graduate from a real university with a real campus and a real library to visit and its been 5 and a half years since I graduated and started in the work force and I am making less than my sister was at 18 years old and 3 months out of High School!!!
And the roomies are pissing me the fuck off. Its not them as people. Its them as roomies. And THAT pisses me off more than anything because I either have to euthenize my dog and live in a hovel of an apartment somewhere or find new (and possibly much MUCH worse) roomies to learn to deal with and then slowly (or quickly) despise.

So here I am, trying NOT to read the classifieds for roomies OR new jobs because neither are that bad AT ALL in the great scheme of things but somehow my mood and self worth have plummeted severly since I started accepting my house as where I live and accepting that moving up the ladder in an corporation will involve some growing pains AND I'VE BEEN LAID which pisses me off even more that it hasn't put me in a SUPER upbeat mood because now I have a trail of men who keep waiting for me to call but all I want to do is sit alone in a hole.

Fuck PMS and all its little symptoms. I'm blaming it on that, and I don't care what time of the month it is - this way I'll assume this fit of insufficiency will pass eventually and the sense of glee and wonderment at how sweet my life is will feel like normalcy instead of a break in the rainstorm my little black cloud keeps gifting me.

Someone told me to get on the pill to help regulate my moods - anyone got any advice on that particular topic?


Mom of Three said...

One always has plans for the weekend if they've got a good sex toy to break and a set of batteries.

Yeah, this whole "work smarter not harder" thing has eluded us as well. I tried waiting tables and I was ultra shitty at it.

They have to declare 15% of their total checks for the night. Above or below, the gov no knows.

I have to say, the weather here lately is PERFECTO! 80 and sunny with a sea breeze. You're invited here in person but suspect you'll only go there in your mind, sadly.

We sign on the house tomorrow. Whee!

Miss Sassy said...

MOT - Jezzz wholly buckets of info!!!
Actually, on the visit, I added up my accrewed time off and could take a week in August PAID and no one could complain a lick =)
I can't believe you guys are home owners again!! Only a year!!! I almost said "in better weather", but remembered you winter ;)
ttys, huh??

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

I read your post with great interest. I understand.

These last couple of years I've been thinking hard about non-traditional ways to earn money. Well, ways to make DAMN GOOD money that you wouldn't think about: Bartending, waiting tables, massage therapy, manicures, hair-coloring. These people can make serious, under-the-the-table money while we college grads punch a clock and pay all the taxes we owe!

curmudgeon said...

Sorry, I never did "the pill". Can't help you there.

But - ain't that a pisser? Them folks making all that money?
Yup, when they're 60 and still waiting tables or slinging cocktails to loud-mouth drunks and assholes just to pay for all those extras, I'm going to be sitting on my fat ass at my desk, thinking how nice it is I don't have to run around all day and deal with that shit.

Scottsdale Girl said...

MMkay, if you need the BC pill for what it is designed for... then you should take it. (i.e NOT getting pregnant)

If you need mood altering drugs..darlin there are muuuuuuuuuch better ones than Ortho Novum.

I'm jes sayin.

Miss Sassy said...

LBB - Thanks for the love. I'm not alone. =)=)=)=)=)=)

C - yeah, but the Joe Schmoe swing'n a hammer who got promoted mak'n triple my wages and sitting at a desk just like me... HE, at 60, will have to screw up royally to NOT still be making this money in 30 years.

SG - hey newbie!
Yeah, but do they dool out Prozac wannabes at free clinics??
Read back a bit - the b.c. isn't a bad idea for me anyway (Mojo is a terrible thing to loose!), the only reason I'm not on any is b/c of the mood altering I got from the last tries.
So, maybe it should be said: if I'm going to the gyno anyway, and getting b.c. anyway, any that are SURE to make me psychotic I should stay away from?

Scottsdale Girl said...

They have really low dose ones now, ones that supposedly do not cause schizophrenia... I would be on them for my newly excrutiating periods but I smoke and am over 35 so NO PILLS FOR ME sez the doc. 2 days of hellish pain is better than quitting smoking in my book.

I SHOULD have read back before brazenly commenting...I forgot that bc pills do cause bad girl, so sorry!

Miss Sassy said...

SG - you're cracking me up!
I'm a bit partial to being the non-smoker as lots of family members have died of smoking (notably mom at 42)... I'm pill READY!
Did you catch the last few posts with all the man-happiness then?

I tried Ortho-lo while living with Him (posted a LOT about him way back)... I was absolutely off my rocker. OR it was Him. Or the pill. Or Him.
Either way, I wasn't impressed with how much easier my Flo visits were during that time so I didn't refill.

I DO need to find a doc though, maybe they will :gasp: have info for me?? =)=)

Posting on something new soon... my home computer wouldn't log on last night so I'm bursting with Blogworthy thoughts and no day time to spew them!