Sunday, July 20, 2008

HELP! I'm Insane!!!

I know what I have to do, but I'm just too exhausted of heart and mind to get excited or revolted or anything besides "I think logically this is a no brainer, but I can't find my logic..."

Let me preface by saying this all came after a great day missing all the traffic to get to work out with Bam Bam before an afternoon getting laid, then off to the mall to see if I could find some work pants that actually fit to find I'm in a totally different cut and one size smaller than whats in my closet, then a quick dinner and drive home... and this is where the HELP begins...

So I park on the street, so I see this woman hosing off in front of her house, do a hot lap around the block to let her finish, then park there. She said "you didn't have to do that!!" and off we went with the chatting. Long story shortened, she's lived on this block her whole life (been married 45 years, so however long that makes her a resident), hates it now, thinks I'm too nice and too pretty to live here, really hates the house I'm in, and her sister lives a block away from the next stop on the train and the tenant that moved in at the beginning of the month had to leave to take care of her sick mother in California.
So we made a date, we got in my car, she toured me the other neighborhood, I met the sister, who's lived in every apartment in that house since she moved off our block... it's on the first floor, the couple who lives upstairs (on top of the 14' ceilings throughout) are super nice and he just became a cop, the family lives in the rest of the place, the handyman is in the basement apartment under this one...
it's $100 more than I pay for the place I'm in now.


So, I think I'm moving again.

I have a trip planned to Boston on Aug 2nd, so I'm thinking, ah screw it, I've had a vodka drink, I'm thinking if the weather isn't blistering hot tomorrow, I'd move in tomorrow.
I've got boxes of stuff I packed in California that were meant to be unpacked in a place of my own!!!
So what if this guy gets screwed? He moved the dresser I didn't want, and told him so 5 days before I moved in, to the landing outside my door today, 10 days after I moved in. The downstairs room he's renting?? got mopped and scrubbed. I had to go buy a plunger to get my toilet working when I moved in because someone took a monster dump that didn't flush and left it. I typed up a letter that we could get notarized 3 blocks away for $5 so I could park for $15 for the YEAR on the street, instead of the current $10/DAY, he said we'd work something out by Monday - I've seen nothing that says I live here yet, and it's getting late on a Sunday.

So I posted this at 3:30pm on Sunday, and here it is 3 hours later and I've accepted the place and am simultaniously looking at how close the Uhaul is, cable/internet companies, where Public Works is, the hours for the parking permit people, and shopping for a mattress because the AWSOME lady said I could move in ASAP and not pay rent til the 1st and she'll be happy to let in a mattress delivery guy for me while I'm at work.

This is life happening. Moving twice in a month? well, I've been tauting "when your dreams are big enough, the details don't matter!" to a friend for a few weeks, I guess I just forgot this was a dream for a few hours there... but now that I've got this whole house of family members thrilled I'm taking the apartment they've all lived in at some point in their lives, the only thing left to do is actually tell the current tool that I'm leaving, get that rent and deposit back, and move up the hill!

Crap, growing up sucks, but let's just see how life is different when I buy groceries and they are still there when I go for them 2 days later ;)
For now, the nice woman, with my mom's name btw, said I should get a good night's sleep and get ready for a great life in that apartment, so I think I'll turn on the Netflix, get a box for all the clothes I moved out of the dresser and can't hang in my tiny closet, see if I can actually get any of this shopping accomplished today or if I really am relegated to simply sitting in this cosmic fuck that is having awsomeness dropping in my lap. Who needs a gym anyway... just move every 2 weeks!!


curmudgeon said...

B'yuk! Another move.
Damn gypsy ;)

Miss Sassy said...

C- here I thought you'd be all bent because this place didn't turn out to be the cure to all my ailments and I'd blame YOU for having to bail... ;)

who knew that 6th grade halloween costume would be such a forshadow!

Mom of Three said...

Well, Hell, at least this time you're still totally packed!!! :) Congrats!

curmudgeon said...

Not me! I saw it as a step to get the hell out of where you were, and don't blame you at all for moving on up from there!

Glass half full and all :)

Miss Sassy said...

MOT - yeah, I thought the timing was crap until I realized it was better this way =) I'm SO EXCITED!

C - see, I can still blame you, fire under the arse to get moving in any direction and here I go in a GREAT direction =)

Mom of Three said...

Now that you're in, see, isn't it all worth it????? How is there???