Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Breakthrough

I used to copy and paste emails from that I stole from people I see here, but this one was to a party who doesn't read blogs, but I still talk to like a blog buddy via email - this is what I sent last night:

I was coming back from Ikea and I saw the cityscape and the blimp over downtown and some fireworks going off and Lady Liberty and I was studying the calendar this morning trying to figure out if it was Aug 4th or Aug 11th that we went to the brewery in my old town and what you'd said about "did you ever think a year ago when you met me that you'd be living so close to the Statue of Liberty??" that tonight, for the first time, I smiled so big I cried about it =)
Not in a bad way, at all, don't worry, but, you know, like Meg Ryan does in all her movies, with the happy tears =)

No, I never thought that I'd live where a trip for dinner and a lamp would let me know what colors the Empire State Building was sporting evnet was going on on the way home.

Yes, I am very glad you got me here.
I don't know what I'm going to do with it yet, but I'm finally exicted to move within 7 miles of my Park Ave office =)

And, if you notice, 7 as my lucky number is in my address and my zip code, and my work zip code, and when you mentioned the 8's last year, I started seeing them around too, like in my address, and I told someone I was ready to move on to Jersey 2.0 and here I am in apt #2... grasping at straws really, but it's the little things that give hope and joy, so if I can't have you blink your pretty eyes and smile and turn your head in that way when you can't stand how proud you are of me, well then, I'll enjoy my address =)

-- the person I'm talking to is sad that I grew up enough to move away from their backyard, but humble enough to understand that my life is bigger than that backyard.
I'm still missing that aspect, but as it didn't do much for me, I'm thrilled to report that tonight I got to party on the company dime, and that I went to dinner at a steakhouse I would never have entered if it weren't for the request of THE top biller in my company... and the generosity of those who carry that kind of cash on them...

I've pushed aside the idea of stoping at the few bars I know of between where I've left my car and my house 4 blocks away... I'm having a very hard time paying to keep the car even though it will cost me the same as the bus fees to park every day, but my arguement is that I have no idea where I'll be in 6 months and if it's anything like last year, I'll be happy I have a car to run around it... plus, it smells like me, like, I'm tempted to walk the 4 blocks back right now at bed time just to sit in her and chill for a bit...

time for a LOT of water and bed, how was your Tuesday?


just me said...

sometimes nyc is so pretty I want to cry. And sometimes it's so smelly I want to die.

Miss Sassy said...

just me - I'm very glad for my commute change, it affords me the chance to avoid the streets that smell like urine and dead animal water. And today, I came down Park Ave to see what all the postcards show for Grand Central, and I got a little teary, and not even for the cigi smoker who cut me off and blew his waste in my face =)