Monday, June 09, 2008

This Week in Sassyland

Hello boys and girls,
so sorry to keep you waiting!! Sassy has been a busy busy girl, and with the job being actually time consuming, whell, computer time has been scarce!

The highlights then, because Sassy will be crashing soon and she hasn't even changed out of her work clothes... the sin of it... I mean, really...

Finding the commute not only tolerable, but somewhat like meditation. Staying awake after returning to the Jersey side is no longer a struggle, the shoe pile under the desk is very nearly every pair of heels owned, and even in the 95 degrees it was today, there is something very real about walking the blocks between work and the bus. Having devoured one entire book and half of its successor in the 3 weeks since this began, well, it's a bit invigorating to be honest ;) Sure, being a bookworm can be attributed to many of my social malfunctions as a kid, maybe even some I carry today, but, to notice my bench partner in today's travels was a young, single, well dressed gentleman on both traverses, and that the new man on the team I support and sit with was kind enough to ask if I wanted something from downstairs on the almost clock-work-like snack run (and they say girls need sugar to function! HA!) and wouldn't let me reach for my wallet and brought me back a chocolate scrumptiousness I wouldn't have allowed myself to indulge in otherwise... well, I was escorted out of the building by another staff member I hadn't met yet and was accompanied almost my entire walk by this so-obviously-enchanted fellow, I'd stopped to smell my own musk to be sure I wasn't sprinkled by a mystery fairy godmother to elicit the nicest bits of male attention!

In other news, the search for a new dwelling is underway. A few chains of chat regarding details have begun, almost a desire to be in those homes has been witnessed, and a bit of need to be cleaning up has certainly become habit. When something actually happens on this front, surely it will be noteworthy.

Other than that, the sunshine has been more than welcome, the skin tone is decidedly less akin to mayonnaise, and there was some sleep over the weekend that wasn't lullabied by the yammerings of the television.
Small accomplishments breed massive strokes to the ego, which creates a looming grin not one can deny!

In case you are wondering what the storyteller narration is about, I urge you to settle in to get used the writing style of Gregory Macguire, for after that lure, you will surely be as hooked as I have become on the tale of Elphaba before she was the Wicked Witch of the West. At my current point in the story, she is out of college and part of some job she won't tell anyone about, and I promise the strangeness of some details are eased in nicely, the clarity of scenery is shocking, and the development of characters has me forgetting the bus ride is 50 minutes or that I was motion sick most of the first 2 weeks!! Coincidentally, the strong desire for a beer upon crossing the threshold has all but disappeared as well...

When I can remember to document the incidentals of this ever widening grin, I surely will - the stack of leftover work from the person I took over for is nearly dispersed to it's properly allocated places throughout the office, ostensibly giving me time to do such things =)


just me said...

there seems to be a lot of hot dudes that work around you.


Miss Sassy said...

just me - sorry for the delay in response, Welcome.
thing is, I don't think they are that hot really, just that their parts hang and they wear Armani makes them such a change from the past job... plus, I'm apparently in heat.

Mom of Three said...

Commutes, when you are not driving, are da bomb. Reading? Whole books? I can't even imagine!!!