Monday, June 30, 2008

C, This One's For You

I've been asked how the house hunting is, or is not, as it were, going.

May have overdone that sentance. It's 11:39pm and I've been up since 5:55am, give me a break.

As I sit here with a pint of almost yummy ice cream in my hand, PJs on, face needing to be washed, I am letting today's flood of events just settle in and ruin my foundation.

I slept quite a bit this weekend, but not all that much last night, so I'm not sure if it's evening out or if I'm in my third wave, but somehow being stuck in traffic in my town for an HOUR this morning seems so long ago... being 45 minutes late to work because of this delay just a blip on the WTFareyougonnadoaboutitcry?getupandgettothatlastdayofthemonthstackalready! radar. Not getting the excel spreadsheet to say what I needed it to before lunch? meh. whatev.
Not getting it to say what I need it to before the end of the day?? there is no deadline on it, I'll do it with fresh eyes tomorrow. I was busy chatting up potential roomies.

That's RIGHT. Last day of the month, another Monthly Bus Pass purchase looming, and I finally get a response of "hey, let me know when you wanna come by, heres my number" instead of "thanks so much to you I so much look forward for us to be friends. I am at my job I take in London, and I have the only keys, I hope we can compromise. Just give me your full address and we can make you move very soon." Not one, but TWO places, within 2 miles of each other!!
So, I did what I had to do - put off as much work as possible to print maps and find train schedules that would get me home eventually. That didn't work out, so I took the bus to my car, then went to the grocery store for a sandwich, then got in the car and drove back up the same highway I just came down on to get within viewing distance of the city (MOT, I tried to get a pic, but I was driving down the freeway, you see the predicament). It worked out ok, I'm here and awake and surely wouldn't have been asleep before now anyway, at least I have a reason to be up this late tonight!

So, the first place might be a keeper, going to sleep on it. There are 2 rooms available, one is upstairs with 2 windows overlooking the the deck, a closet system has to be installed (where I'm not sure, might need 2) but its the vaulted sunroofed warmest room of the house with a private bath. 3 flights of stairs to get there, but I'm thinking the 4am stagger home of the roomie will be SO much less annoying without them walking past my bedroom door. On the other hand, the 2nd floor room is this blue color I've picked to have my room painted before, already has a closet AND a personal AC, and they said if a woman (hear that!?!?! these basically frat boys said WOMAN!!! I don't even call us that!!) that the two of them would share the full bathroom downstairs and give the woman the 2nd floor bath. It is a boys' place - black leather couches, they want to get rid of the massive oak dining room table, the 100 gallon fish tank is on it's way out, and they bbq more than cook on the stove these days (which is a BONUS if I might add) and they strung the dangly white Christmas lights around the living room instead of getting a lamp. They do have a completely packed rolling butler of booze bottles, a bar 2 doors down, grocery on the next block with the laundry place, and the train to the city is 4 blocks down. For the price, I'm excited - not to move up 3 flights of stairs, but that there are mattresses in the rooms so I can save that cost, a balcony to get some sunshine on, boys who party, and a local that means I can be in the city in 20 minutes (or get home from the city in 20 minutes!!).
The other one, well, the price is insanely cheap, but I think I spotted roaches, and I am having enough of a hard time getting my head around moving to the city without bugs in my house :(

All in all C, it's a tough road. I don't want to move, but I hate being here, but in my room with my things where it smells like me, it's comfortable. I'm torn between want and need, and the pick'ns are slim out there in the rental market (at least in the 36 emails I've sent out, only 2 replies weren't scams, so it feels bleak). I will suck it up and just know the next place will have some problems, so maybe having a third floor to myself (hoping I'm not getting some as the boys want the top deck) would be a great solution? Maybe a blue room will cure all? Maybe this is just the beginning of a stroke of GREAT RENTERS LUCK and I can find a place with laundry in the building by the end of the week?

In other news, Bam Bam and I chatted a bit as I was trying to get him to tell me he could get me from the train station as long as I could get back before xx pm... somewhere in there he tossed out "I'd be fine with picking you up that late, but I'd make you go down on me". His gf leaves sometime toward the beginning of August. When they broke up last time (they aren't breaking up, but she's moving 900 miles away) he was in a new chicks pants within a week. Maybe he'll be my motivation to use the gym membership I pay for??? He already has me walking like a $2 hooker who had to pay off $10K in debt over the weekend...
Totally unrelated but surprisingly tangential, the bottom of this pint (it was close to done when I started, I totally swear) has like this icy texture that is somehow MO BETTA than the whipped ice cream sitch that was going on for the rest of the pint. I don't even care that the chocolate swirl ran out, this ice part is magnifico!!
It's midnight and I'm eating ice cream and talking about the freshly 21 year old who tells me he's spending the evening with his gf but would be ok getting me from the train station between 8 and 11pm if I agree that there will be some foreplay involved... maybe it's time to cancel the gym anyway...

How are you doin, in your real world?


curmudgeon said...

"...but in my room with my things where it smells like me, it's comfortable."

Yeah, yeah. You've said that before. And guess what? You've moved and made the new place feel the same way. :)

So, how am I doin'...
In short, good. Me and Mrs Curmudgeon got out of town for the weekend. Just the two of us for once - well, we took the dog too. We played, fished, hiked, ATV'd, watched movies and concerts on DVD, ... Very good weekend.

Now I will shop tonight for BBQ/smoker supplies for the weekend.

Miss Sassy said...

C- my surrogate love, I'm so happy to hear of happy marriages and a vote to move to a place closer to work :)
more soon, I promise.

just me said...

of course you can blogroll me. I love blogrolls, almost as much as jellyrolls.

oh, and: ice cream and hot 21 year olds? LIFE AT ITS BEST

Miss Sassy said...

just me - the ice cream is trivial with that hot 21 year old starting all his messages with "honey bunches of oats" or "snickers" or "snickerdoodle"... I was in a pet name phase, now it's kinda just with him ;)

Thanks for the go-ahead... now to remember how to get in there and update it...