Monday, December 31, 2007

My New Home

I spent a good part of the weekend hacking up snot rockets (or trying to in order to keep them from settling in my lungs), locked in my house in slipper socks and sweat pants and one of surprisingly many gifted XL tshirts with an advertisement for a vacation spot logo'd on the front, and basically nesting. I organized 4 kitchen cupboards, cleaned out and reorganized (minus the easter candy, valentines chocolates still sealed in their heart shaped tomb, and any container no longer able to hold it's belongings, thereby taking out 2 huge bags of trash this morning) 2 very sizeable shared area closets (square foot wise, bigger than my cubicle), and thanks to my super don'tgiveafuck'dness when knocking over a 409 bottle on the kitchen counter am now quite obsessed with getting the entirety of the kitchen counter to go back to it's original color which is now only apparent where the magic potion has desolved tracks in the muck.
So, I've spent the weekend sick and nesting.
I intended to have the place feel more like I live there, but instead of finding places to hide my stuff, I've found places I could hide my stuff if only I could put all the kid's toys in the kids room or know why there is an entire closet dedicated to the storage of the box for everything in his Ikea house.
I found myself checking my vitals and having my meals in front of the computer, scouring for new places to live. It turned out to be humbling to see what other offerings were out there, then turn to my place and attack it with the nurturing it so desperately needed. Nonetheless, the recycled Top 40 tv/radio station and a closet of someone else's stuff will let your mind wander, and I recall a particular screenshot of a map with a circular Main Street that could have you vear off to the left onto another Main Street, cross over a 3rd Main Street, or, if you so desire, stay on it to cross 2 main Routes (another term for highway out here, but since they are basically divided streets they don't get the Highness title) that merge together in the circle and, if you continue straight (which now has you facing west when a mile ago you were facing east) will have you turned due north and on the Route you just crossed over. I think I've been through that area; if I remember right they are nice enough to give you a stop light to mark the end of Main Street and let you know you are now on a Route that extends a good portion of the state.
I've heard a lot of complaints about California drivers, and LA to boot, but I've never had a hard time reading a map of California - I find myself sure that this highway, when it tells me I"m going North, is not sending me a bit east to get turned completely around to go directly west only to check the map and find that my North highway does indeed have an S curve in it.
Ah, the lovely honeymoon period. The time of learning the quirks of your newbie and hoping you love them instead of strangle yourself over them... I can just see "I'm right off Main Street, no, not that side, the other side, over the other Main Street, no, not on the extension, by the highway, I mean by Route 35, no, after the split from Route 9, but before the railroad tracks..." Not quite lust at first sight, but Jersey's growing on me, that I won't deny ;)


curmudgeon said...

Thanks for making me dizzy ... again.

Happy Friggin' New Year!!!

Mom of Three said...

Good God! Tell me you didn't miss New Year's in Times Square???????????????

I'm glad it's growing on you. Now go out there and find that foreclosed condo for next to nothing!