Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Happy Hanukkah!

No, I'm not Jewish (yet), but as it happens I moved to the town with the most densly Jewish population in the state (or top 3, or something way up there)... so I'm surrounded with the candles in the windows and the big black hats and the droves of people walking on Saturdays, and now the menorah all have a candle lit =)

And, it's been almost a week since a post and almost NOTHING has happened!!
The work is the same, the house is the same, I'm almost the same... I did buy some boots, and it has been literally freezing every day by sundown, and the one person I know here is driving me away by telling me details about his life, but otherwise there is a rythem to what I'm doing and I just go with it.

I have found the optimal time to leave the house to avoid traffic, the trouble with it is that I get to the office 15-20 minutes before clock in time. I am not used to being on time. I am NEVER early. Even if I try to get logged in and ready to work by 9am, there ain't nuthin about making a cup of coffee that requires 15 minutes. So, I am struggling with being a competant employee who shows up to work on time.
This is certainly a side effect of growing up I didn't see coming. It's easy, I'm adjusting, but quite unfamiliar to not be rushing in the morning.

Word of the Day: Techie. I've had one, he will always be dear to me, but at this level in the company we are asked to direct our questions to the one guy - and I've never met him before. I was a little pouty about having a new guy only because I liked calling and getting my old familiars, but as it turns out this guy not only knows his shit about my systems and programs but is guiding ne through the tangled web of detailed specs on as well as spending quite a bit of energy telling me about his life and asking about mine. I'll remind you, this is my tech support guy and he was on vacation the week I started so he has literally had 8 days to forge any relationship with me... it is quite nice to have a personal connection with someone via email, and with the chats being in Outlook instead of Yahoo I feel better about yammering away with the window wide open as the bosses meander the office =)=)
Have you hugged your Techie today?


Mom of Three said...

I hug my techie every day. Except lately, since he's been trying to keep the county live after the whopper of a storm we had.

But most every day.

Miss Sassy said...

MOT - I saw the pictures of town - I am still in shock!
And here everyone was worried about me and the weather - go figure.
Glad to hear someone's taking care of our Techies out there!