Monday, March 19, 2007

This Monday, We Have...

Very stressed few hours on this side of the world - I'll copy what I sent another friend as an example of my attitude going to bed last night and starting today -

My car needs some help.
I sent a text to 10 people in my area asking for a body shop.
One of the people on the list has a wife.
I spent the entire evening glad my phone freaks out and doesn't like to ring when I set it to LOUD.

I get it. Always getting the call at the wrong time. Now I see your point in full glory.
Thank you for saving us both from the opportunity for me to get us in a sticky, icky, somewhat psycho situation.

However, I stand by my romantic ideal that there would be no reason to steal my man's phone and call some chick to leave rude messages and text long into the night because he got a text asking for a body shop in the area.
It's silly, I know, to hold on to this idea, but aren't I cute the way I like to stay naïve?

Happy Monday!!! My partner called at 7:25am to tell me she is on vacation for this week, maybe next week too - I was set to walk in at 7:30am and caught her with a box of stuff in her arms in the parking lot, but her personal pics are on her desk so we'll see; my front bumper doesn't like the speed bumps in my neighborhood, flapping all over the place, and I got a parking ticket that I am freakishly afraid I might forget to pay and get a warrent issued without my knowing it [inside joke with the recipient, deal with it]; my house finally isn't covered in cardboard boxes, but I was up a little too late to be able to wake up to a HOME; and I am plagued with thoughts of "do all this work" mixed in with "how can I tell this freak that I honestly don't want her husband, that I didn't mean to proposition him, that I really just need a body shop and she can stop wiggen out" splashed with a little "where are all the snacks cuz I forgot my lunch in the fridge, right next to my breakfast…"

How was your weekend? Its been grey for a few days now, makes me think winter thoughts, and that makes me wonder how quickly I can get to Big Bear and learn how to strap on some snow boots, which somehow gets me jealous that you always have tentative plans to go boarding =)

Better get to work… hoping you are having some fun this morning, really hoping you can tell me about it =)

This was sent to Techie who I got to chat with for about 30 minutes last week. He sounded worn out but comfortable in his ick... I am not at all comfortable in my ick and have a hard time NOT running for the hills on a minute by minute basis. The shitty part is, I happen to be really really good at what I'm doing in this job, and my boss can't stop saying great things about me, and I kicked ass at work today, and now that my house is kinda set up to live in, I feel ok being in the office for 12 hours a day again (like I was when I was offered this position).

I remember, about 3 months ago, a long day... followed by longer days, followed by What the Fuck days, followed by Who Thinks This Is Funny Cuz I Sure the Fuck Don't days...

Must complete a few more things in the next 15 minutes. Off to storm the castle...


curmudgeon said...

That wasn't too bad of a whirlwind that time. ;)

Miss Sassy said...

C - the week hasn't gotten any less hectic... more to come if I can spare 5 minutes.
boys, work, sister, dog... its all happening!

Mom of Three said...

You're lucky all you got was texted. Next time you might get your ass kicked!