Thursday, March 08, 2007

Alright, I Know

Everyone hates the whirlwind reports, I GET IT.
But oh my fuck it is nothing BUT whirlwind around here!!!

Today alone:
-I got news from Asshat that left us evicted that he hasn't forgotten he flat out stole money and has promised to give it back, but he has had his paycheck held in the office for whatever reason.
- Spaz replied to my "why the fuck am I paying a parking ticket for my sister for the day I told her to move her car? she says you moved your car into my safe spot and didn't tell her where else to put her car, you didn't refund my deposit, you owe me money, please pay up or fess up to why you are such a duche" with "I got a parking ticket that month too, just happens, kinda wish I could help you but I wish I would have moved out and let you have this place because Asshat bailed to the next state and I had to cover the whole rent myself and the other place would have meant a cut in the 1st dues, how is Pupster by the way?"
- The coworker that got the job I now have in September instead of me is transfering to the next over office. Same one that tore me a new one telling me she couldn't work next to my sour attitude, then says the ONLY reason she is leaving is that the other office is closer to her house. WHATEVER, you can't make money out here and you think I dispise my life and can't handle sitting next to it, even though you smile at me 403874 times a day and I start half of the smile chains in this office.
- Had the boss all up on my desk, listening to half my calls, training after every one, grooming me to be BAD ASS at this job. I was am in this chair for the 12th hour straight (pee breaks and chowing Taco Bell for 7 minutes in the back isn't worthy of counting as time off).
- Can't get contact with the temp agency I worked with for 6 months last year, really have no idea how to get a hold of my tax forms so I can file, really really getting pissed off since I know they have business in the area and their phone numbers and websites don't work AT ALL.
- Sister and I didn't carpool this morning for the first time in 2 weeks. I got a text saying her Married B/F might come out to visit tonight (I was told at 2pm, our "I need to watch Grey's Anatomy, can I come watch your cable TV" friend found out at 8am)... got another text at 6pm saying "He's Here!!" like I should like it, then the only reply I got out of the 6 messages I sent her today was in regard to when I might be stopping by the house... No Judgements, but AAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! He lives an hour away and only wanted to date her since the MINUTE she said she wouldn't live around the corner from him anymore!!!! And doesn't follow through on any of his promises (couch, TV, dinner... but calling her 5 times per work shift to make sure she is too busy to go meet AVAILABLE guys?? ALL over that).
- Got a wink from the guy I work with. He is married. He is great. He helped us move, is a hard worker, very easy to get along with, I know he is a dog at heart because he's told me so... and I know the girl he was trying to date turned him down hard recently. And today I was on my game and he was on his game and I got a wink across the office. I smiled and commented at how well the day was going, but AAAHHHHHHHHHHHH.
- Have the pup pouting at me in the mornings and its killing me. I don't know how to satisfy her because I can't let her meander the way we used to in this neighborhood. Plus its cold cold cold when the wind picks up, and I am spending 12 hrs a day at work, and I get bored waiting for her to sniff every leaf of every ivy bank in the apartment complex (every side of every one of the 20 buildings). She is doing better now that we have unpacked and made some room in the place, and having the cat in the house seems to be helping a lot too, and her haircut this week has given her all new reason to want to be out and showing off... but still, I need to be active and so does she and she pouts at me in the mornings and it hurts.
- I did a "this is the true you" chainmail questionaire for distraction tonight and Sexy ended up on the list linked to "twin soul". With every female I know having sleep overs this week, I'm feeling left out. He is, I think, taken, but I am suddenly craving his style and know he's a dog and if I catch him on the right day I can take serious advantage of him... and am not sure if I can be selfish like that, but the same test said I picked "selfish" as the adjective for what I look for in a mate - here lies the bitch of it all.
- I didn't sleep much last night. Or any time in the last few weeks actually. Part of it is the pooch not understanding we have established that NOTHING exciting is happening outside at 1am or 4am... part of it is the brick I know call the muscle patch between my shoulder blades and neck, part of it is the sheer stress of it all I'm sure.
- Diet going well. Forgetting to eat isn't technically called a diet though, so I guess the cutting of calorie intake is going well. I am still ending the day with a drink and know that is the source of the beer belly but really don't give a rats ass at this point (until I think of calling Sexy or some likeness to him anyway). Being hungry and not realizing it sucks though - blinding headaches that don't go away, quivering digits trying to type, weak thought processes and legs when trying to navigate to the bathroom... all not things I want on a regular basis that I've dealt with...

I am not shitting you. This is all stuff I did TODAY. And I'm not even done yet. I'm going to crash my sister's love shack (aka my house) to change out of these work clothes that I didn't Febreeze enough to make through the 13.5 hours I've been in them now, stop by the bbq place for some chow and go next door for mexican for my friend cuz she doesn't do hawaiian food, sit and try to watch my favorite show while she macks on her little new boy toy, and HOPE I can get through to my sister on the way home so I can get let into the gated parking and not have to hoof it up the street to get into my own place. I don't know what her Married told the wife and kids, but I do know they are set to leave the country for a while in the near future and they have BOTH asked me what I think about him staying with us while he has no accountability.
My comeback was rediculously awsome - something like "I don't care who he is Sister, I care that we are unpacking these boxes and every time we find a picture of you with a guy you really liked he was with someone else before you and you knew it the entire time you were in love with him. I can't tell you that you can't have anyone here, but could you please let me unpack my work shoes and a pan to cook dinner in and ask me if I like living here before you ask me if we can add a roommate?" - but honestly, if I don't leave now, I might very well sleep here in these rank clothes and thats not good on SO many levels.

Check in with me MOT, C, Vince, Shoes, April, Laurie, Awsome Chick I Can't Ever Remember The Name Of But Love to Read About Who is Also On MOT's Blogroll... I miss my email life and swear that as soon as we see what an electric bill looks like in this place, it is a tossup between a gym membership and cable/internet bill.
I'm not gone, just too busy and too watched over right now is all.
Keep me sane. Keep me social. Muah!


shoes said...

my, you had a full day. my advice...drink heavily

Miss Sassy said...

Shoes - actually, I looked at the one beer in my fridge and thought "sleep without passing out. It will be there tomorrow, with all its friends there to keep him cold."

Tonight there will be shots and brews, even if its me in the kitchen "rinsing" the shot glasses before putting them away ;) If I can find a razor, maybe I'll troll the scene for a bit of social satisfaction as well???
Never can tell around here.

Mom of Three said...

Boy, you're gonna wish I never checked in.

NO MARRIED MEN--EITHER OF YOU! NONONONONO! I don't care if he wants to leave his wife, or she's a bitch or WHATEVER DO NOT get mixed up in that I am telling you it never ever ends well. If wife finds out, trust me, your ass could be dead. I was one of those cheated on wives and I damned near blew both their heads off. And if there's kids involved, you are hurting those kids. If Daddy wants to be an asshole, then let him be with someone less honorable. "He's gonna do it anyway is NOT an excuse."

And knowing what happened with your own family should make you all doubly sick at the thought of messin' in that business. And yes, I can too judge.

Now, that being said, you should take a look at what happened to Spaz and Asshat. See there is karma at work. He skipped out on her? Gee, what a surprise. He's onto the next place to skip out on, you can be sure. My advice? Sue. Sue him now.

So, Mr. Adulterer may not stay over. Don't care if you pay the rent, I'm pullin' rank. Any unmarried nice guys...feel're young and single.

Don't make me sic Tom on your asses, girls!

Love to Poochie.

curmudgeon said...

I'm with MOT. Gee whiz. The guy fucks around on her, what sort of behavior would he have with sis?
Sure, he'll talk nice when he wants to soak his dick, but other than that, he's just a user.
Not to mention the wife finding out.

But, damn! You've been busy again!

Miss Sassy said...

MOT - I hear ya, then I blew it. Read the next post. Email me once in a while!

C - same to you. And yes, I don't know how to operate unless its full throttle... though I am in the market for a good peice of funiture, know where I might score? ;)