Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Never a Dull Moment

I loved it all, went on vacation, came back to an enlightened sense of contentment... and now, just one week later, I'm staring down the last week of this version of bliss, as I've worked myself into being a great asset to the company and they asked me if I would take a promotion and I struggled with it for three laborious days but finally couldn't say no.

So, right, the 5 minute walk to the 22 minute train to the mile walk to the office is now changing to a 5 minute walk to the train station, 2 stops, then a walk across the building to my office.

No more forking over cash for the parking garage and agonizing about street parking where they sweep 4 times a week and I'd need to park on the right side or get booted, the company pays for a garage at the office, and with the train right there, I can use the car, bring it to work, leave it for 3 days, use it again...

A new team of people to sit with, a new kitchen to acclimate to, a new potty to pick my fave stall in.

Not that I haven't done it all before, but I'm just not ready to break up with Midtown, and I've made sure everyone knows it.

Notice the job itself doesn't play in this? I'm in denial. In fact, the new manager wants me to transfer, get to know the crew, let them see me and get to know me, then they won't hate me for getting the promotion. I don't know why, but when it comes down to it, I'll be doing the same job in a different office until the guy man's up and decides it's time to get an office manager named, then I'll get the title and $$ that I interviewed for.

I've had this job before. It gave me bipolar disorder and a drinking habit. I've told this to my current manager, who promptly spilled the beans about what may be happening in the next 4-8 months... that I got more excited about that than what I'll be doing in 2 weeks makes me sad for the office I'm going to in 2 weeks, because I'm already not wanting that job and half knowing I'll be asked to be part of the changes down the line... but, whatever, I'm being promoted, my car is taken care of, and the way my body likes to wake up at 7:30am, I'm ok with cutting my commute down to a solid 20 minutes.
That I am technically transfering is actually a load off, and honestly it wouldn't be the absolute worst if the current staff whines enough to get the promotion, as I really didn't enjoy my life when I had that job last time... love how I'm already making excuses??? yeah, me too!!

In other news, the house is more like a home since I nested all weekend. It now smells like all my cleaning products, I've loaded up the shelves I do have (committing them to their current location at least for now), and bought area rugs after furniture shopping all afternoon =) Also exciting, is my ability to make a mounded deliciously various salad for dinner every night, and to notice that the tag I ripped off my pants this morning is 2 full sizes (from 14 to 10, though I can't find an 11 to save my life these days) smaller than half my wardrobe... they are a stretchy material and we'll see how the afternoon bloat treats me, but yeah, I had to have a seat and take that in... no WONDER my skirt last week was spinning as I walked, it was WAY too big!
All in all, going very well over here. Let's hope it stays that way, because I can't afford cable quite yet, let alone a raging drinking habit ;)

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I love picking favorite stalls.