Thursday, August 28, 2008

Jersey, phase 3.0

Tomorrow is my last day in the Midtown office.
I'll be starting at the office I can almost see from my house after the holiday weekend.
The job I'm expecting when I get there has changed 3 times in the 3 weeks I've know about my going there.
This, matched with the phase of the moon and the status of my bank account and the low of being single/alone and how my belly is full of baby makin goods that just need to vacate ASAP, has brought me to tears in the last few hours.

It'll be fine. It always is. Knowing this somehow isn't consoling.
I kinda wanted roots. Finally. But this news, in hindsight, is the minute I quite unpacking.
Nothing in life is permanent, but being in a constant state of broke from moving to keep up with it is wearing on me after a few years of it.

Let's thank jebus that I had the foresight to get a few 6 packs, a bottle of wine, and a bottle of vodka the last time I was at the drink shop, it might just get me through the weekend - or, I think my paycheck clears tomorrow, and with all the money I put in to my car, I can go find another drink shop who won't know I drank the mountain of booze I got last paycheck ;-)


just me said...

Toast to your unused baby making uterus things. That's what I always do.

Mom of Three said...

I'm in a sucky mood too. Not ready for summer to be over, but it is. Yes, always broke here as well, and it's a drag.

But don't forget, you are still sans roommates! This alone is a great thing. Plus, if you can see your office, does this mean you can bike on good days??? Yes, even in work clothes.