Monday, September 24, 2007


I've been called a lot of things, but never did I think I'd ever be the kind of girl who could be called "crackhead" and have it apply.

I didn't clue in to chew gum until well into day two... I'm on a liquid diet until further notice only because I'm well on my way to a snap-diagnosis of TMJ and the dentist will be ripping my mouth open on Thursday.

Side note - I'm looking into laptops and digi cams at the same time I get a catalog for a Pleasure Party across my desk at work. I'm going on a major 2 week vacation in a week and moving this weekend and apparently I'm dead set on blowing a shitload of money... nothing like 2 all-nighters to get you thinking you need everything under the sun in your posession =) But, I don't do shopping very well at all, so I've been a bit of a pest about referrals for these items... also, I need a great dress for a dinner in NYC at a place that used to have a great view of WTC - if anyone can think of where I'm being taken (it's a birthday surprise!!!) and how to appropriately dressed (black cocktail dress was mentioned, mine is a bit hussy though) and where I can find a dress (maybe in NYC???) that mere mortals can afford (and shoes to go with???), I'd be more than appreciative!

I nearly forgot my word of the day - onetouchcumable.
That was my physical state for about an hour today, verified when Aunt Flo demanded I stop looking at the party catalog and dislodge the sopping wet cotton rocket and give her one SHE could use. I like how it is one word but says so much.

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