Wednesday, September 26, 2007


The word of the day.
Absolutely defines what I have been busying myself with for the past 4 hours.
I was going to plow through my work this morning and skip lunch break and leave early to deal with some of the details of moving that require before-5pm attention, but as it stands I was having conversations that every one of my other office staff had with clients because "somehow I just think it isn't getting through and I've talked to you the most over the past few weeks and just feel better telling you directly because I want you to not miss anything I've told your partners". A good hour of my morning was spent getting someone to the right place because a message was left at her home last night asking her to report to work - come to find out the name of the place wasn't part of that message so we had her 25 miles in the wrong direction - when I tried to get some information out of the person who I thought would have it, I was told to let it sit and have a meeting instead of working out the details; 30 minutes later I have an embarrassed worker at the wrong office and the office staff wondering what kind of organization she is working with if we are sending people to the wrong place - all the while an office across the county is left wondering why they asked for our help and it's not there.

Miscommunication. Definately the word of the day.

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