Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Softer Side of Sassy

Today's Quote

We know nothing of tomorrow, our business is to be good and happy today.
-Sydney Smith

I get these in my email, I kinda like them for the perspective they tend to lend.
In a chat with Curmudgeon, I realized that right this minute, I am not bitching, and decided that was document worthy!

Work is work, but the pressure to double the weekly goal that I acheived as a sole effort on TUESDAY is totally self imposed, the sun is shining and I've got the windows open so I'm feeling a bit more alive with the natural light pouring in (plus I can see the ocean from my office, so while the phone rings I spin around in my chair and stare at the deep blue sea, waiting for the afternoon white caps to start appearing any moment now), the cat was normal and polite this morning so I didn't start the day with profanity labels, and my body is in a delightful state of worked out and nourished without being sore or starved that has an obvious benifit on my personality. Can one really live on nutritional suppliments and fresh fruit alone, forever?? Cuz I kinda like not worrying whats for lunch these days...
Speaking of, I'm off to enjoy the sunshine, have a smile today, or borrow mine, I've got plenty!


curmudgeon said...

I...I'm speechless. But you gave me a smile.

Maybe I'll hang on to it a spell if you don't mind.

Miss Sassy said...

I can't believe it.
You? Speechless??
Now I have a smile, and this one is ALL MINE =)

Mom of Three said...

Is this part of working toward financial freedom??? What about Wales? Whatzzup??????

You're back!!!

curmudgeon said...

Back? Miss Sassy-pants is slacking big time.

Mom of Three said...

Well, compared to the gap between these entries and those a few back, it's an improvement.