Monday, July 09, 2007


my phone is broken.

it worked fine this morning, alarm clock going, still had my unchecked voicemail indicator on, let me know what time it was when I left the house... I pulled in the work parking lot and turned the ringer to vibrate and put it back in my purse where it sits every day.

at lunch, I pulled it out to see if I could find out if my partner plans to return to her post only to find it dead.

"well, this is new. usually if it presses a button I show that I'm trying to dial ####00000###00#0##00#0#"

I try the usual tricks, take out the battery, blow off the sim card... resign to standing in line at the local shop where they have no way to test what is wrong and the best affirmation I could get was "electical devices, you never know, but if you want to see the upgraded model over here..."

apparently a 2 year contract comes with absolutely no expectation that the phone might hold out as long as the bills do.

so here I sit, hopeful that somewhere I can find a way to check voicemails and text messages without my trusty sidekick to guide me.
and in the car is my gym bag, to accompany the new healthy lifestyle complete with a full regime of fiber shakes and protein bars and whatever fruit I want to fill out my regular eating schedule... and no iTunes phone to join me on the cruisade toward baggy clothing.

The clencher... Double Dip was over last night and asked me for the umpteenth time "have you ever had any trouble with this phone? I had to switch this one out like 6 times before I gave up and paid for a new phone..."
Damn Murphy's Law and my reply of "nope, never, you ask me that every time..." and I didn't knock on wood.

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Mom of Three said...

Phones are cheap at Costco. Just try plugging a new one in. The phones they gave us "free" here are shit.

I joined a gym!!!! I'm soooo glad I did, though no change yet...

You're back!!!