Monday, June 26, 2006

::breath, wheez, cough, sigh::

I haven't forgotten the blog.
I haven't been avoiding the blog.
I haven't been avoiding commenting on your blogs.
Its just such a pain to have 12 hours of work to do in an 8 hour day EVERY DAY.

I am writing you now from the middle of one of these such days to let you know that Wednesday of this week until after the holiday next week, my part time backup will be on vacation.
Since the topic of getting me a replacement phone answerer for the week was smacked down harder than the cat from the leftover tri tip, I'm guessing this week will include a lot of overtime and not too much social time.
However, I will brag that the weather in my neighborhood was delightful this weekend and I was able to get some housework done. This included lounging about until Aunt Flo was done forcing me to eat Oreos and drink beer and pop pills, dipping into the pool at dusk just for a better view of the twilight stars, and cleaning my room to the point of rearranging furniture to get the job done right. So, while my ass is firmly planted in front of a computer from 7:30am-6pm all week, I MIGHT be able to pull out the milk crate with a pillow topper in front of my new computer setup and let forth the spew of blogworthy happenings in the last MONTH since I've gotten to the site!!

The quick overview (because its 10 minutes until lunch, and lets face it, I won't get any work done in that time anyway):
--Dad gave me a wad of cash for having a phone conversation with him, I dreaded the bad karma that is always attached to his money, I deposit it the same day my sister calls saying one of her credit card companies will 1/2 her debt if she pays it off by July 1st, and I gladly transfer dads money to her account to take advantage of the deal. I figure they don't call it 'money laundering' for nothing, and maybe the karma will wash off in the transfer and won't stick through the slow dribble as it gets back to me.
--The sister roomies are in Vegas this week. This means that I get to worry about dogs puking and peeing in the house while I'm gone for 12 hours or more a day (haven't decided if I'll be going to the gym this week - running around the backyard like a freak with the dogs and rearranging furniture and closet space sounds WAY more fun!!).
--I'm getting props at work. While the kudos are nice, I know how much work I have to do and how I'm not getting it done and its driving me NUTS that I have to switch hats/roles so many times a day but apparently the trick is to keep a smile on and always be ready to say "I'll get right on that" and they think I'm a goddess. They are also familiar enough to me now, and the work is repetative enough to have learned it well enough, that Miss Sassy is getting some play again - they haven't decided if they like her yet or not, but the meek worker in the corner is now piping up and getting the respect she deserves. Miss Sassy likes the Managerial hat!!!! Matches the come-fuck-me-in-my-corporate-suit heels I wear everyday.
--My Mojo is coming around. I partook in a wedding a few weeks back and the single, barely older brother of the bride walked me out and spent about 30 minutes working his game before I let him know he could ask for my number any time now because the cruise was going to depart with me onboard and I wouldn't mind hiding out in his room but I'm sure his roomie would object to us having all the fun. Since I was the one with the cell on me, I got his home number. He lives 500 miles away, but getting concentrated flirts from a 28 year old who didn't have to wear a helmet was certainly a great reason to take a paid day off!!!
Oh, and the wedding was beautiful and I got to see basically all of my girlfriends from my hometown and get them all dolled up for pictures =)

Its lunch time, but there you have the last three and a half weeks of highlights that come to mind as I frantically minimize the screen whenever I hear someone walk by... OH... just kidding, I have one more thing... I heard through the grapevine that New Girl is no longer working in my old office and my old manager has to train ANOTHER someone to fill the receptionist position!!! I feel AWFUL for that office always having to train someone, but the whispered "come back!" was laughed at heartily that I would give up this great carreer opportunity just to hang with the gang and have an easy job again =) I'm getting the swing here, I am gaining TONS of experience, and am proud to announce what I do for a living and I'm supposed to be tempted by returning to being a triple layered subordinant just to have more people to chat up at the water cooler?? While the familiarity is tempting, I realized this weekend (when I found an old journal and the very telling entries) that going back for what the hindsight goggles have convinced you is a dream situation just ISN'T WORTH IT.

Yeah, I guess thats all I got for this minute.
Happy Monday Ya'll, leave a comment so I know all 52 of you who are still checking in got the updates, alright!?? =)=)


curmudgeon said...

Sounds like you're busier that a one-legged riverdancer!
Oh well. Keeps you out of trouble, right?

Miss Sassy said...

C - like you hadn't heard the play by play.
I can't believe you checked RIGHT AFTER I posted... I didn't even get your bribe put together yet!

Ale8one said...

'come-fuck-me-corporate-heels' ?? are there some quiet, nearby broom closets for a quick escapade at the office?

Miss Sassy said...

ale - I work in a building with 21 floors... I'm sure I can find something to fill the need... the telephone closet is a bit full, but I'm sure even a bathroom stall on another floor would provide the annonimity required to keep my job and use the heels for their intended purpose.

Monty said...

Well I know I'm feeling all warm and fuzzy!

Mom of Three said...

See all these people who have been checking in, day after day, hoping for a bit of your aura????

Good sister, your karma is fine after that one. Fucking credit card companies are nothing but old loan sharks who break your spirit instead of your kneecaps. I try to avoid them.

How's yoga?
How's Her Shortness?

Glad you're back...

Miss Sassy said...

monty - warm I'm used to hearing from you, but fuzzy?? musta done su'mt'n right this time =)

mot - I hate CCs too, thats why the laundering to help her to freedom.
The yoga feels good but there is no where in the house to do it so I am looking for more than once a week relaxation at this point.
My Gorgeous Girl is as Princessy as ever with the cuddling and the claiming the new bedding as hers no matter how much the cats want to cover it in their hair =)

I'm glad I'm back too... though todays aura is more like something to run from than want to hang with!! More to come when I get home...

Monty said...

And what do you know, New Girl is gone, and no one cares about this little blog,and Freedon of Speech triumps again! Sassy wins big again by not panicing! Woo hoo