Sunday, September 21, 2008

Birthday Plans

Jersey boys have a certain easy switch that I hit just by being me.

Case in point, the neighbor man (could be my granddad) rang my door bell last night just to have someone to hang with on the front porch. He ordered us a pizza, we hung out for a good two hours, were joined by the guy who lives below my apartment who wouldn't take my "no thanks, I'm good" when he asked if I wanted a brew from the store - he came back with two and handed me one. So then he and I were chatting into the evening, I was glad he was getting tired, he'd been at the hospital for 2 days straight and was there the moment his dad passed away, but something tells me he didn't go to sleep even at midnight when we went to our respective houses.
So this morning I get my bell rung again, it's the older guy asking if I want to take him up on his offer to go to Atlantic City for the day. Knowing I really don't have any money to eat with, let alone play with, and that I had stuff to do for the day, I wasn't accepting last night, and put him off this morning... so his son was going to be doing the driving, I get my bell rung when he was on his way to make sure I didn't want to just get in the car when he came, was asked to wait out front with him til the car showed... so then I'm meeting the son, who I happened to know was going to be bringing his girl on the trip (not his wife, his girl) and as I'm still turning them down with every excuse in the book, they are both agreeing with me that it's not a good time for me to go as they talk about how well I'll eat and how easy it will be for me to get to work in the morning... this player of a son then hears me say "maybe some other time, when I can plan for it" for the 12th time and decides maybe in 2 weeks it'll be better... so I finally get them to leave, the son goes in for the hug when I shake his hand and then gives me the wink before he lets the handshake go, and apparently I'm going to Atlantic City the weekend before my birthday. =)

Trouble with any of it is, well, there's a lot of trouble there, but I decided if I turned down the trip for today I might as well do what I told them I had to do, so here I am at the office and it is literally 90 degrees in here - absolutely no way I can even breathe, let alone concentrate on work. Perhaps when the sun goes down it will chill out a bit, I hear the vents going, but they must be on fan instead of AC because, dayum. So much for that, I guess I'm off to the laundromat instead. I know I forgot my book, maybe the TV will be on?? The walk in the park was lovely though, so I guess 2 of the 3 items on today's To Do getting done isn't too bad, right?

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just me said...

Just watch out for that creepy dad and song tag team there...sleaziness can run in families.