Monday, June 18, 2007

Just Because

All Men. All the Time. On my Mind.
Trouble is, its the same ones - all unavailable for a myriad of totally legit reasons.
That's ok though, gets me thinking thoughts of moving, and travel, and visits, and smiles... daydreams of various insundry interactions in wildly exotic locations like the CA central valley or my couch or his couch...
n.e. way. yeah, I'm all about the daydream at this point - even the view of the freeway has me wondering where all the cars are going and which one I'm going to follow right out of this life.
Its nice to have a distraction from the mundane sales calls, whatever the cause may be.

Anyone else using Febreeze as a daily staple of getting ready in the morning??? It is so bad, I'm waiting for the dry cleaner around the corner to post their hours of operation instead of finding a drycleaner that already has their equipment installed, THAT is how NOT INTO THIS I am these days...

Also a distraction, training my cat to be a dog. She begs, sits, hangs out sitting next to my chair on the back porch (until the rugrats come scretching at her that is)... she can't catch for shit, but I guess its a cat thing and I'm all about behavioral training, not DNA splicing.

Had a beer for breakfast yesterday, and a doughnut for dinner - sometimes I love being a grown up, basically only on weekends, but it was cool Grown-Uped-Ness in my house yesterday. And yes, I threw in some drunk yoga in the mid-day, just for the fun of it.

Went to a club Saturday night. Felt jipped by the cover charge, couldn't understand how so many AC vents still left NO air circulation, and left sober as the day I was born, my hair wet only on the outside from someone else's sweat, jeans soaked from the bottom up in whatever someone spilled on the dance floor... sounds like a typical day-in-the-life of me a few years ago, but this time I came home absolutely disgusted by the whole scene.
OK, see??? Grown up was only cool on SUNDAY, Saturday had me as the cranky older chick in the clothes that covered some part of her staring at her feet with her elbows out protecting her tatas from the rude sots who don't care where they shove, wondering why it looked like people were having sex every time she looked up.
What I had in mind when I suggested we go out for a drink on a Saturday night was grabbing a table at the outdoor patio and the local joint that serves steak during the day and martini's in actual glass with a stem on it - planting myself firmly in a chair somewhat close to the droves of military men focused on the bar, with a glass just close enough to empty to get someone's attention that I might need a new one, then moving my purse from the chair next to me to have the party get bigger... this would all happen before 10pm mind you. After that, its shots with the guys, one in particular on my arm, I'm on his lap in the chair, racing the next chair-pair to the bottom of the pint glass then seeing who can kiss the longest without laughing.

Oh, and did I tell you I daydream A LOT these days?
I did.
OK, moving on... I'd better clean up my desk, the manager's bosses boss is in town tomorrow and he likes to sit next to me. I'm not sure if he's checking my skills to see if I'm groomable for promotion or he just doesn't like the other side of the room or he's figured out that he can turn around in his seat with a peach pit in his hand and I'll pull out my trash bin while he spews sales figures to his conference call... anyway, its an extra stress to have that level of managment sit next to you and no matter how flattering it is, I've still booked myself out of the office for a majority of the day =)
Also, having this side of the office to myself affords many personal luxeries like burping and picking my nose and blogging that I get a little upset when I have to behave because, you know, the work and all, and I get a little resentful when I can't distract myself with personal pursuits.
On that note, off to fill up my inbox to give me plenty to show off with tomorrow!

Thursday, June 07, 2007


Same shit, different day.

Ready to walk out of my job yesterday, spent a good 1.5 hours in meetings about it, still not sure the reason I'm so frustrated got across.
Awaiting my first commission. It will add less than one days salary pay to my check. Not sure all this work and effort and tears and pain and having my tablespoon of managerial shit jammed down my throat hourly (instead of the daily or weekly of past jobs) is worth the pittance.

Cops have been to my apartment twice this week. Sister may be a bit paranoid about the vato who wanted to watch my TV, but it must have been freaky to come in to say hi and see a shadow outside my window. So long Sunshine, Hello Dark Cave. The first instance was warrented though - we woke up to find our back sliding glass door open 3 feet wide. Since Sister slept on the couch til about 2:30am, it must have happened in the wee hours. Not Cool.
Yes, we have contacted the management company about legalities of breaking the lease if our house is broken into. No, we haven't started packing.

I am obsessed with travel. I want to go to Wales to visit a romantic interest there. I want to see my friends I only know by phone these days. I need a break from the norm and the daydreams and planning give me a distraction.

Partner has been out for basically 3 solid weeks. Manager is dealing with some heavy stuff at home, but is nothing but upbeat and smiles in the office. We get each other, she sees my frustration, but she is under the wing of Boss, so she is kinda stuck - making it very difficult to get anything actually accomplished on the managerial mishaps so we can all start making some money around here. Front Desk is getting snottier by the day - used to be some Sass I left on the chair, but these days she is just a walking ego that doesn't even get the phone half the time, let alone do any work. Canada just demanded get a few more hours a week so she can earn vacation time or she's walking, which would devestate the office because she has been covering the work that Front Desk forgets to get done as her boyfriend sits in the lobby and she is on the phone with her friends.

All in all... putting the dog down has been the least stressful part of whats happening around here?
How YOU doin?