Sunday, August 12, 2007

Been a While

I know, I hear you, but I like not being in front of the computer all the time!
Well, more like, I like being asked to WORK at work and not being able to fill my time with meandering thoughts that leave my fingertips callused.
Whatever, this is what I've been up to:
--Made a big splash at work, got my entire office into the black, so that when my boss and her boss went in front of a panel of the next 5 levels of whip-slashers, they were told to take a coffee break. I will make approximately $333 for my efforts - before taxes.
--Got laid. Sticky situation, but it was really good, and he is all sucked up on me now, telling me that I am just a genuine person with a warm disposition that he finds rare enough to finagle a way back into my area to be around. Could be trouble, but for now, its a new friend and a reason to remember the good parts of being a woman - namely Fuck Me Heels and how to walk in them properly.
--Put Sister in her place a bit, aired my greivances, told her where I feel taken advantage of, and that I won't put up with this disrespect anymore. Its a more mellow kind of hanging out now, but we aren't avoiding each other anymore, and I haven't had to sleep in my car for a couple of weeks just to get some rest, so that's better.
--Still fighting with the security of my home. Sister found the door open again last week and the property managers can't be bother to return phone calls or be in the office EVER, so we've put in work orders for this and that and aren't paying rent until we get someone to talk to us. =) Being a bitch is sometimes a most addicting kind of delicious =)
--I've got a boy. Young, clueless, almost yummy, but mostly someone to cuddle with whenever I feel like it. Too bad for him I got a man to fuck the ever liven back into me, or I might put up with his LITERAL 2-pump-chump-ness (picture 'American Pie', but instead of the embarassment, it was 'wow, you are good'. I simply can't find a way to show you what a disappointment this is). He buys me dinner when I tell him I'm hungry, he hired a new guy at his work so he can take time off just to take me to dinner, and he really likes me, doens't want to talk about my ideas of the east coast, but I simply am bored with him and have to talk myself into calling him. I might lower my standards and want to train this youngen soon, but since I never even had to potty train an animal, let alone train it to sit and stay, I'm kinda not predispositioned to putting up with "huh? repeat please."
--I'm seriously considering moving to the east coast - Baltimore, New York, New Jersey are my searches today. Having been born and raised in California, I'm a little impressed at how easy it is for me to imagine being there - and knowing that flights are the same price to take me from here to Reno or here to Portland (HI MOT!!!) or here to Baltimore... well, it makes it easier to daydream about since it doesn't feel like I'll be 3,000 miles away from anything remotely familiar. Plus, I've got some friends out that way who have birthdays coming up and its about time to say hi.
--I'm sick of wearing professional clothes. Am seriously wondering if this industry actually has the money they keep teasing me with, or if I should find a restaurant where I can wear the company logo on a Tshirt and whatever tennies I pick up at Costco and use the $50K my dad put into my teeth to make me prom queen to bring home the $$$$ in a job where I can have fun. Sales is alright, but if a deal goes bad at a restaurant, you're out $50, not keeping your team from hitting a revenue mark and having to remember for the next 2 years why that company won't talk to you ever again even though they'd already spent bukubucks with the company before you came along.
--Finally chumming up and making the doctors appointments. Surely this will be a process, to get to talk to everyone I need to about this and that thing I need checked out, but the statement of what I've spent this year to have the opportunity to go is pissing me off to the point that the fear of them finding something serious (or just annoying but incurable) is taking a back seat. I'm very good at the "what you don't know can't hurt you" and the Darwinian theory meshed together when it comes to medical care... but I have a solid group of care-about-me friends and its time to listen to them boss me around a bit and conceed that maybe I don't know EVERYTHING about everything, even if it is contained in my very own skin sack.

I guess thats about that's on my mind these days - I rock at this job but need to start making money to at least buy a new suit to pull it off, I'm looking at nationwide opportunities to change things up a bit, and in the mean time I've got leftovers from dinner last night with the youngen with a twitch in my britches for someone else.
Of course the day-by-day playbook is SO much more fun that this, but if I can keep up from here, I'll get on it =)